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If You Give A Girl A Hammer . . .

On Sunday, Annie Rose was feeling restless.  Due to a broken leg that is still casted, she was unable to go stomping in the rain with her two sisters.   She had watched a movie and was now scooting around the house, trying to find an activity. My husband was puttering around in the living room,... Read more »

Star Wars Celebration VI - the MOST Fun Part of the Bullied Book Tour!!!

Great costumes everywhere
What a pleasure it was to attend Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando!  I was only able to be there on Thursday, but it was long enough to see that the event was a huge success. The costumes were stunning; the attendees were enthusiastic, and the Force was everywhere. I spoke on a panel with... Read more »

I Need to Break Up With My Phone, But I'm Still In Love With It

I’m in a terrible relationship.  My partner is constantly demanding my attention, interrupting me when I am busy with my kids, offering promises of rewards, and keeping me from getting enough sleep.  My iPhone, my love, my addiction, is turning me into a master Apparator.  I can’t stay in the here and now, because it... Read more »

There Is No Work Life Balance. Just Do What Is Manageable.

There Is No Work Life Balance.  Just Do What Is Manageable.
“Annie Rose, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a mommy,” she answered emphatically. “You will be a phenomenal mommy!” I responded.  “And is there anything else you would like to do, too?” “No,” she said simply.  “I don’t want to have to spend time away from my... Read more »

The Anti-Bully Bar: Chocolate’s Next Frontier

The Anti-Bully Bar: Chocolate’s Next Frontier
I was driving my older daughters to camp yesterday, and we were talking about bullies.  Specifically, we were talking about WHY people choose to bully others. I have noticed that many people dismiss bullies with simple labels, calling them “jerks” or “bad people” or “assholes”.  And while it may be true that some bullies are... Read more »