Call for submissions for Adoption Stories

Call for submissions for Adoption Stories

November is National Adoption Month, and Portrait of an Adoption plans to honor all parties involved in adoption by featuring guest posts throughout the month.

I have already received some heartfelt, honest entries from people who play all different roles in adoption: birthparents, adoptees, adoptive parents, foster parents, and waiting adoptive parents.  To my delight, my daughter Katie’s birthmother has even written a post, her first time writing publicly.  But I would like to have enough guest posts to fill up every day of November.

Open adoption, closed adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption, foster-to-adopt . . . any and all of these types of adoptions are what I would like to feature.

If you have been touched by adoption and have a story to tell, (and this includes all of my fellow ChicagoNow bloggers!!), please email your submission to Carrie Goldman at  Entries should be between 500 and 2000 words.  Please specify how you would like to be named in the byline.

I was inspired to do a post a day about adoption for National Adoption Month from my friend and fellow blogger, Mary Tyler Mom, who spent the month of September chronicling her daughter Donna’s Cancer Story for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Thank you, Mary Tyler Mom, for sharing Donna with us and for setting a lovely precedent on how to raise awareness of important issues.

If you are too shy to write your story as a public post but would like a supportive community, feel free to share your adoption advice and anecdotes on Portrait of an Adoption’s Facebook page.  We have a great community of people touched by adoption (and Star Wars, and bullying, and girl empowerment, and pop culture, and a zillion other things) all waiting to welcome you!

Here’s to raising awareness of adoption!



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  • What a great idea, Carrie! It's going to be a very interesting month of posts. I would love to write my "Nina and Lenny" story as it is playing out, but will not be able to do so in time for November. Maybe some other time - but in the meanwhile I really look forward to reading the diverse adoption stories that will be featured here in November

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Thanks, J! If you ever want to submit a post about "Nina and Lenny" I will be happy to share it here.

  • Thanks so much, Carrie, I'd love to and will do so for sure. Keep up all the awareness and thoughtfulness you spread around, it is wonderful.

  • Carrie, are you still looking for submissions? My husband and I adopted our son from The Cradle in Evanston this past June. He's a second-generation Cradle baby; my husband (and his sister) were both adopted from The Cradle, as well. I'd be happy to write something up, if you're still looking for stories.

  • In reply to MarthaC:

    To my delight, all 30 spots are filled! However, due to the popularity of the idea, I plan to feature one guest post each month on the blog going forward, so feel free to submit your story for a future guest spot! Thank you!

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