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Should Adoptive Parents Give Birth Parents Money?

What should adoptive parents do when a birth parent asks for financial aid after the adoption is complete?  A reader – let’s call her Rachel — wrote in and told me the following story: “We adopted a baby boy six years ago in an open domestic adoption.  We keep in touch with his birthmother, Liz,... Read more »

The Force Is Needed for the Infant Princess LEAH

Star Wars fans are rallying around a tiny baby fangirl who is batting the forces of illness. Leah Esquenazi, now dubbed the Princess Leah, as a nod to Princess Leia from Star Wars, has spent weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with an as-yet-undiagnosed movement disorder that looks like seizures, but they are not.... Read more »

Sprout Change for a change

When we adopted Katie, the last thing on my mind was cloth diapers.  I was up to my neck in (mostly unnecessary) baby paraphernalia, struggling to form a healthy attachment with a baby who was missing her foster mother, and the most I thought about diapers was to make sure I had one in my... Read more »

Response to a Bullying Comment

Well-known blogger Sarah Hoffman, who has been writing about the bullying facing her young son, has asked me to collaborate with her on a response to one of her commenters.  Here, in Sarah’s words, is her introduction to our post: After I posted Tired, the ninth post in my series about combating bullying at my... Read more »

What a Difference a Year Makes

Friday was Katie’s last full day of first grade.  It was also Cleo’s first birthday.  Andrew, Annie Rose, Cleo and I joined all the other first grade families at noon to participate in the first grade barbecue.  I sat on the ground with my hot dog and chips and reflected on the difference a year... Read more »

Sexy Superstars -- Age Five?

Eden Wood, child beauty queen TLC has a new commercial out announcing the return of their show Toddlers & Tiaras.  If you listen to the announcer, he refers to the 5-year-olds as “sexy superstars.”  Some viewers are interpreting it as “sassy superstars” but I studied it with my husband, and we both agreed that it... Read more »