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Good hygiene for young girls does not mean waxing and facials

This winter, Walmart announced that it is introducing a new line of cosmetics, specifically designed for girls 8- to 12-years-old. The mass retailer wants a piece of the tween make-up market, which earns more than $24 million per year. And we aren’t talking about Chapstick. The top sellers to kids are lip gloss, eye shadow... Read more »

Why do I have to be tall with blonde hair? It's not fair.

Ahh, how strong our desire is to belong, to fit in, to be the same as those around us.  For the very youngest kids, that translates into a desire to look like their family members.  As Katie enters the tween years, she will probably age out of a desire to be just like us, but... Read more »

Secretly Liking One Child More

During dinner with a dear old friend, we wandered across the topic of liking our children.  My friend looked at me earnestly and admitted, “I feel closer to Younger than Older.  I feel so guilty saying this, but I actually like Younger more.  Isn’t that awful?  What do I do about it?” “I don’t think... Read more »

Mother's Day, On Loss and Joy

This morning while I was running, my thoughts drifted back to Mother’s Day 2003.  I rarely think about that time, and if I do, it is only on the periphery of my mind.  I touch on it with words like grief and loss, but I dance cautiously around the concrete memories.  Tears soon mingled with... Read more »

Talking with Young Kids about Osama bin Laden

It occurred to me that my first-grade daughter might hear people talking about Osama bin Laden in the next few days.  She has never heard his name before, and I don’t want her initial lessons about him to be taught by equally clueless kids on the playground.  So I decided to hold an age appropriate... Read more »