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As of today 59 of the 64 families adopting from Nepal have received visas for their children. The majority are home in the U.S., while the others finalize the paperwork. The first families that I met while in Nepal are all home safe and sound. The moms and dads are figuring out the dynamics of bringing a new child into their family and many of us are struggling with work/life balance. Is there such a thing? The children are all happy and it’s amazing to see how quickly they are adapting to their new lives. We are all connected and share our stories about adjustment with one another. 

Emma and Sujan
Emma and Aaron were among the first families in Nepal to adopt. After living in Nepal for nearly six months and enduring much turmoil including an emergency appendectomy, Emma brought her son, Sujan, home to the U.S.  She shared this story.


Sujan kept quiet the first day in pre-school but the teacher told us that he really opened up and started chatting in the last class of the day. We asked what class it was and the response was …. Spanish. One week into Sujan’s US school experience we found out that he kept correcting the Spanish teacher; probably thinking that she is trying to speak Nepalese! The very nice teacher got a book about learning Nepalese and is now trying to help him bridge the gap between Spanish and his native tongue.

Vicki and Nima
Vicki and Nima spent many months in Nepal separated from Jed, Nima’s daddy. 

Nima has been practicing her singing and dancing skills.  It is definitely her favorite thing to do.  She went to a birthday party last weekend for her cousin and had a blast. She didn’t get her musical talent from me, though (According to Vicki). We have gotten to see a lot of people lately, which has been great.  Nima and I are starting to feel a little more adjusted to life back home each and every day.

Sharon and Shekhar
Sharon and Joe adopted Shekhar in September. Sharon stayed in Nepal for months and fought to bring her son home. She then reunited with her husband and daughter after months of separation.    

According to mom, Shekhar, who is one funny, smart kid, confessed to missing one thing from Kathmandu  – the rickshaws!  His mom also shared that when Shekhar and her first drove together in a car, he kept telling his mom to beep the horn because it was too quiet.

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DeeDee and Bina
It’s amazing to see how quickly attached children can become to people whom they haven’t yet met but have heard about for months. Bina finally met her grandma, DeeDee’s mother. And as DeeDee said, it was love at first site.   It’s great to hear that some things haven’t changed.. our beloved Chuckie is still around (see photo below)!





Cherie and Maya
Cherie endured many months in Nepal waiting to obtain a visa for her daughter, Maya. She spent months separated from her son and husband. They are all reunited and Maya is doing well living on the family farm. She loves the animals and is fascinated with shoes and her new brother.


Tiffany and Lisa
Tiffany brought Lisa home just a couple months ago and is also experiencing how quickly kids grow.

Jenny and Pukar
Jenny brought Pukar home in late fall and it has been bliss ever since. He is taking after his mom and is quite the athlete!

I took Pukar skiing this week and we skied for five, YES, 5 hours!!!  I thought we’d be done after lunch and cocoa but ohhh, no… “Pukar want ski more mommy!”  So we did.  It was a great day … 13 inches of new snow and storming all day.  Not exactly 3-year old weather, but nonetheless, HE LOVED it!  Not a single complaint, tear, or frustrated moment.  He was ALL smiles.

It’s no joke when they say children grow up too fast. It feels like I just turned my head and Antara now wants to walk everywhere, brush her teeth on her own and she lets me know exactly what she wants – more cookies or George.  I missed out on her first year and only had a few months of baby before she quickly turned into this little girl who puts on her sun glasses and thinks she is heading to Hollywood. My heart melts when she says “mama” and she’ll always be my baby.

The verdict is out on who is adapting better – parents or kids. Right now I am thinking the tots.

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