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It's Never Too Early to Start Talking about Sexting

Katie and Annie Rose had a banner day on Saturday.  First, Andrew found them in the basement bathroom with the door locked. “Girls, let me in,” Andrew said firmly. He found Katie, Annie Rose and a giant Star Wars Wampa rug in the bathroom.  Katie was huddled in a corner, hiding something behind her back. ... Read more »

Lessons for Mom at the Science Fair

There are little jars and bottles all over my house, half-filled with Momoammonium Phosphate (MAP).   We have MAP in liquid form, sitting in jars of saturated solution.  We have MAP in solid form, growing in jars of crystals.   Yes, it’s that time of year.  The Science Fair.   Last year, Katie did a project... Read more »

Interview with a Bullying Victim

Interview with a Bullying Victim
As part of a book I am writing on bullying prevention, I am conducting hundreds of interviews with bullying victims, bystanders and bullies.  Below is the transcript of one of these interviews.  The interviewee’s name has been changed to protect his privacy. Carrie:  When did you first become a victim of bullying? Eric: I started... Read more »

Gender-Based Toy Marketing at Target and Wal-Mart

Target’s “boy” toy aisle Today, we were at Target buying milk, eggs, baby food — all the regular supplies.  We also needed to pick up a birthday gift for a friend of Annie Rose’s.  Usually, I avoid the toy aisles like the plague when the girls are with me, or else I am besieged with... Read more »

A Reassuring Return To Innocence

Andrew picked Katie up from piano lessons on Monday night.  He told me about the conversation that took place in the car on the way home.  “Daddy, why do some people use words that we don’t?” “Like what words?” Andrew inquired. “Well, like the F word,” Katie responded.  Andrew was getting ready for a whole... Read more »

Settling Into Daily Life

  Antara and I are going on our fourth month at home.  There are days when I awake to her yelling “Otto” for her furry “sibling”, walk into her room and just stare at her in disbelief that I am now a mother.  While we are home many families are still in the process of... Read more »