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Guest Post - Preparing a Nursery While Waiting to Adopt

I am inviting readers to submit guest posts to Portrait of an Adoption with their own adoption stories.  Below is a lovely story by a woman who contributes regularly to the blog under the name gnevs. “How long have you had this carpet?” the salesperson asked as she looked around K’s room.  “About 12 years,” I replied. ... Read more »

Fighting to Bring our Nepali Children Home

  It’s been nearly three months since we returned  to the U.S. from Nepal.  That is about the same length of time I was in Nepal waiting to bring my daughter, Antara, home.  The months in Kathmandu waiting for my daughter’s visa seemed to go much slower than the past few months at home in... Read more »

When Your Team Loses

We have a couple depressed Bears fans in the house.  I am sure we are not alone.  I have been reading the many blogs about yesterday’s Bears-Packers game.  At our dinner table last night, amidst discussions of whether Jay Cutler should have toughed it out, we were having another conversation, one that I suspect a... Read more »

Guest Post: How I Prepared To Raise Her

Click the above icon to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! I am inviting other adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees to share their own stories through guest posts.  If you are interested, please contact me at How I Prepared To Raise HerBy Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser of Standing in the Shadows I think most... Read more »

To A Better Day, in Memory of MLK, Jr.

Last year we celebrated “Martin’s birthday” by reading (for the hundredth time) our MLK Jr. children’s books.  Six-year-old K led two-yr-old A in a rousing chorus of “We Shall Overcome.”  After dinner, we stuck a couple birthday candles in a frosted cake and sang to MLK, Jr. K has been reminding me for the past... Read more »

The Homework Problem

Please click the above logo to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! Last weekend, we were fully booked.  Amidst all the fun plans with friends and grandparents, a familiar worry was nagging at me:  Katie’s homework.  When would she find time to finish it?   Every day, we struggle to find time for Katie to... Read more »

Princess Boys and Star Wars Girls

Click above logo to vote for Portrait of an Adoption! Six weeks ago, bloggers and news shows celebrated the right of my first-grade daughter to carry a Star Wars water bottle.  In a post that went viral, I wrote about how Katie had been teased for liking Star Wars.  The boys told her “Star Wars... Read more »

Easing The Teasing

Katie and Annie Rose had their hair braided into beautiful cornrows while we were in Jamaica over winter break.  This morning, as Katie was getting ready to return to school, she told me she was nervous. “Why, sweetie?” I asked, as I slid two scrambled eggs onto her plate.  For a moment, she said nothing and... Read more »