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Christmas for Nepal's Orphans

  Antara’s first Christmas was full of joy.  Although she met Santa she is too young to fully grasp what the chubby, white haired man will mean in years to come.  She opened a couple gifts and played with her new musical drum and kitchen set. By the third gift she looked frustrated and took... Read more »

Growing Up

Katie is a little kid.  Of that, there is no doubt.  And yet, there are times when I see more than a passing glimpse of the young woman she will be.  We have just returned from a trip out of the country, and Katie was indispensible to me. Our family of five managed to pack... Read more »

Grab your things...I've come to take you home

A father brings his family home.  Emma’s husband Aaron Skalka gave me permission to post this here.  I have returned one last time to Kathmandu.  This time however, I will only be here a matter of hours.  I have come to collect my wife and son.  The journey that began two years ago is finally coming to... Read more »

A Very Merry Christmas

This Christmas may very well be the best Christmas I will remember.  We just heard very good news from Nepal. Two families –  DeeDee and Bina and Emma and her son Sujan were granted visas for their children. They will both be home before the New Year. Both DeeDee and Bina and Emma and her... Read more »

Holiday Heartbreak for Orphans

The families waiting to bring their children home have started this new website featuring the children:     56 American families are facing a heart-breaking holiday season this year due to U.S. policy in Nepal. These families are struggling to bring home their legally adopted children who are stuck in Nepal awaiting visas... Read more »

A Family Hopes to be United Before Christmas

Sharon and Joe Vause arrived in Nepal soon after I did in August. They adopted Shekhar who is just a delightful, thoughtful little boy.  Joe had to return to the US to take care of their daughter and go back to work. They are desparately waiting to be reunited in the US so their family... Read more »

Another Woman's Fight for her Child

It is truly amazing to see the compassion and commitment that the families waiting to bring their children home from Nepal have for their children.  It’s an unbelievable emotional, physical and financial stress. Some of these families will find themselves in severe debt. I will continue to feature the families who show strength as they... Read more »

Holidays Are A Hard Time For Birthparents

Holidays are a hard time for birthparents.  Amidst all the celebrating and decorating and gift-buying, there is a sadness and an ache for the child that is not there.  I heard this sadness the other day when Katie’s birthmom left us a message.   She does not call very often, and when she does, it... Read more »

We are Home but Many Wait to Bring their Babies Home

                    We’ve been back in the US for a month. It’s been quite an adjustment for both Antara and me.  After a wonderful Thanksgiving and a jaunt to LA to do a TV interview on The Talk we are back to reality – I am... Read more »

Adopted by the Geeks and Nerds

Andrew and I were the first ones to adopt K.  She has lived with us from the time she was several months old, and we have escorted her through the ups and downs of daily life for seven years. And then last month there was the great water bottle incident, where K was teased for... Read more »