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Candice and Antara Are Coming Home- Others Still Waiting

Candice Warltier has received the stunning news from U.S. officials that Antara’s investigation has been completed, and she will be able to bring her daughter home.  After an eleven-week ordeal, Candice is overwhelmed with joy.   Thousands of people across the country have signed a petiton that urges the U.S. to expedite the issuing of U.S.... Read more »

80 Children Trapped in Nepal - How To Help

Candice Warltier, co-blogger of ChicagoNow’s Portrait of an Adoption, has been trapped in Nepal for over 11 weeks with her adopted baby, Antara.  Candice’s family is one of many caught in a U.S. policy change that is preventing children adopted in Nepal from receiving U.S. visas.   Candice is asking supporters to sign the following... Read more »

It Takes A Girlfriend

It takes a village to raise a child.  And, lately, I have realized that it takes a group of girlfriends to raise a mother.  I am seven years into this mothering thing, and I couldn’t do it without the help and companionship of my female friends. At the very beginning, when we first got K,... Read more »

How To Help Bring Candice and Antara Home From Nepal

For those who have asked if there is any way to help Candice Warltier and the other families trapped in Nepal with their newly adopted children, please sign the following petition: The petition is a plea for the U.S. to expedite the granting of visas to the eighty waiting children so they can come... Read more »

The Overscheduled Child

Last week, I was trying to set up a play date for my daughter, K, who is in first grade. “Hmm, let’s see,” I said to the mom of the little girl who asked for the play date. “Mondays after school don’t work because K has piano.  On Tuesdays, she has tennis.  Book club is... Read more »

Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other

He could have been talking about his daughters.  Then again, he could have been talking about his wife.  Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, recently spoke to a small group at WBEZ Studios in Chicago about his new book, Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other.  After hearing his words in... Read more »

WGNTV Clip of Adoptive Mom Stuck in Nepal

Please take a moment to view the story of Candice Warltier, my co-blogger, and her daughter, Antara.  They are stuck in Nepal due to a U.S. policy change regarding adoptions from Nepal. Chicago Woman Stuck In Nepal After Adoptions Banned By U.S. — WGN