The First Day of School


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‘Twas the night before first grade
And all through the house,
We hoped for a bedtime
That excluded a grouse.

The hair had been washed;
The teeth had been brushed;
One last chance to pee and
The toilet was flushed.

Two stories were read;
Clean pajamas were donned;
The girls jumped on the bed
As mom and dad yawned.

Katie climbed into
Annie Rose’s new bed;
Annie Rose chose Katie’s
Old bed instead.

With the big girls all settled
In each other’s room,
I tended to Cleo,
So fresh from the womb.

I nursed and then swaddled
My new baby daughter,
But now Annie Rose
Was calling for water.

In the kitchen I started
To make Katie’s lunch
With a special note saying
I love you a bunch.

The night ended late;
The girls woke up early;
Our time flew by faster
Than a game pitched by Buerhle.

Katie’s school dress was crisp;
Her glasses did glisten;
Perhaps in her classroom
She even may listen.

We joined the throngs
That were walking to school;
I regretted the wrongs
When I had lost my cool.

I looked at my big girl 
Starting first grade;
I missed the days when
In my arms she laid.

The iphones were out
And pictures were snapped;
The school door was opened;
The moms and dads clapped.

The calendar is shifting
To the fall of the year,
But this new beginning
Makes my eyes tear.

This is her life;
She can never go back
To the days when I
Carried her in the front pack.

I went on with my day
But kept checking the clock,
And waited until I could
Get Katie to talk.

Her day had been “awesome”
Was all that she said,
Then ran off to play with
A toss of her head.

I opened her school bag
And emptied her stuff;
“Awesome” was one word
But it’s more than enough.


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  • Congrats Katie!!!! You are so beautiful!!!!! Such a big girl. We love you and miss you!!!!! Kiss, kiss honey!!!!!

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