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The First Day of School

  ‘Twas the night before first gradeAnd all through the house,We hoped for a bedtimeThat excluded a grouse. The hair had been washed;The teeth had been brushed;One last chance to pee andThe toilet was flushed. Two stories were read;Clean pajamas were donned;The girls jumped on the bedAs mom and dad yawned. Katie climbed into Annie... Read more »

The Fake Birthmother

This post is the follow-up to “Meeting Kirstyn” which was posted on June 6, 2010.  To:    Carrie GoldmanSubject: Re: emails…carrie…good morning to you too… dinner with the family went well…we hadchicken…hamburgers…and hot dogs…and of course istopped and picked up taco bell to take along withme…but i was too sick to really eat anything… as for... Read more »