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The People You Meet Along the Way

Birthday in Florida There have been many times I’ve been on the verge of completely losing it during the last 14 months waiting to adopt a child.  Whether it was the time when my fingerprints came back negative – please, not due to a criminal record, but because they couldn’t read my lines (yes, those... Read more »

In An Instant

One minute she was there.  We had pulled the kids out of their strollers so we could take some pictures of my two girls with my sister’s two girls.  After the photo session, the four little girls milled around, three of them sharing a single ice cream cone, while I spent a moment packing up... Read more »

A 95th Birthday Celebration

Kate in Minneapolis For weeks, Katie and Annie Rose have been anticipating our trip to Minneapolis for Great Grandma Ruthie’s 95th birthday. The girls were particularly eager to play with their cousins – some that they have not seen in months, some in years, and still more that they have never even met. The weekend... Read more »

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish

We all make many wishes during our lifetime and hopefully some of them will actually come true.  Some people wish upon a star, others pick up a penny on the sidewalk, while still others make that wish before blowing hard on a dandelion seed head.  I still have yet to meet someone whose wish came... Read more »

Meeting Rikki

Visiting Katie in Foster Care On May 3, 2003, we attended the Resolve Seminar at the Chicago Marriott on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  As the conference opened, Andrew and I filled a few plates with fruit and bagels.  We scanned the room and headed to a table where several other young couples were already... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day, Sandy!

In case you missed the recent headlines, Sandra Bullock, Oscar-award winning actress, adopted a baby boy, Louis Bardo Bullock from New Orleans.  Unless you are really living under a shell, Sandra was married to Jesse James who decided that sleeping with umpteen other women was more important than his commitment to Sandy and their future... Read more »

Life Is Pain, Highness

It is April, 2003, and Andrew’s brother, Pete, will be marrying Kim next month.  Kim is terrific, a wonderful addition to the family.  She is a kindred spirit, easy to be around, and I am grateful to have her as another sister.  Today is Kim’s bridal shower, which I am hosting along with several other... Read more »

The Importance of Being Mama

Katie This weekend, my daughters and I were on our own while Andrew was at the state math competition with his high school students.  He kissed the girls goodbye on Thursday night and promised to see them on Sunday. Here is the secret truth:  they did not really register his absence until he returned.  Upon... Read more »