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The Back-Up Plan

Between tears streaming down my face and bouts of hysterical laughter, I felt like I was watching my life on the big screen as I watched Jennifer Lopez, who plays Zoe, a professional woman who decides to have a baby on her own in the Back-Up Plan.  Although she goes through artificial insemination and I... Read more »

Wallowing Happens

The adoption application requires a physical.  I have not been to my obstetrician since six weeks after we lost Matthew. I dread this appointment with Dr. S.  Seeing her is not actually the problem; I like her a lot and she has been very supportive.  The problem is the waiting room filled with pregnant women.... Read more »

Strong Girls Make Our World a Better Place

In celebration of Earth Day, my client, the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, is launching the Forever Green Initiative. I love working with the Girl Scouts and have met many young women who, I am certain, will be leaders in our country one day.  The kids/teens whatever you call them today seem... Read more »

Converting the Adopted Child

A few weeks ago, K declared, ” I am a little bit Christian and a lot bit Jewish, right?” “Tell me what you are thinking about,” I responded. “Well, my birth mother was Christian.” “She still is,” I replied. “Right,” K continued.  “So a little part of me is Christian, too.” “Not really,” I explained,... Read more »

Return to Sender?

This week a mother in Tennessee decided to “return” her son to Russia.  She adopted him last September, and according to her he had many emotional problems. So she and grandma bought him a one way ticket back to his country of origin.  The story is so utterly disturbing to me it is difficult to... Read more »

Babies Coming Soon!

  No, not from Nepal (well, at least not yet)…but to a movie theater near you!  On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, take your mom to Babies, a documentary produced by French Producer Thomas Balmès.  Your mom will love you for taking her to this absolutely adorable film that follows four babies across the world through their... Read more »