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Welcome To My New Co-Blogger

I am bringing on a co-blogger to help round out the audience for Portrait of An Adoption.  My new partner, Candice Warltier, is a 41-year-old single woman living in Chicago.  She is in the process of trying to adopt a child from Nepal.  It has been over eighteen months, and Candice is still waiting for... Read more »

All Those Single Ladies

I am thrilled to be joining Carrie Goldman’s Portrait of an Adoption blog each week. I hope to add my perspective on pursuing motherhood as a single person — and possibly inspire a few of you who may be grappling with that question so many of us “career woman” face:  ‘How long do I wait... Read more »

Whose Child Is She? Not A Black And White Answer

The other night I was talking on the phone with my daughter’s birthmother, M. We were discussing her plans to come visit us in Chicago for the first time this summer. A trip to Chicago would be no small feat for M and her kids. They have never been on an airplane, never seen a... Read more »

Celebrating the Chinese New Year With Children Adopted From China

Chinese New Year Parade For those of you who have adopted from China, you probably know that the Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.  The Chinese year 4708 begins on Feb. 14, 2010, and it is the Year of the Tiger. Whereas many of us will be... Read more »