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Questions Adoptees Are Asking

This interview with award-winning adoption author Sherrie Eldridge is the third of a four-part series.  Each part will focus on a different book that Sherrie has written.  This post includes a discussion of Sherrie’s book, Questions That Adoptees Are Asking.   CG: This book seems to be the most controversial of your books, given its religious... Read more »


  I vividly remember when I told my parents I wanted to adopt a baby.  My mother and I were driving to a shopping mall in Milwaukee. I was very nervous and blurted out “mom, I have something I need to tell you.” Not sure if that particular moment was the best as she was... Read more »

Forever Fingerprints

This is the second post in a four-part series that interviews famous adoption author Sherrie Eldridge.  This post includes a discussion of Sherrie’s children’s book, Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery For Adopted Children. CG:  Forever Fingerprints was your first children’s book.  As you learned, writing a book for children is very different from writing for... Read more »

20 Things That Adoptive Parents Need To Succeed

Adoption author Sherrie Eldridge This interview with critically-acclaimed adoption author Sherrie Eldridge is the first of a four-part series.  Each part will focus on a different book that Sherrie has written.  This post includes a discussion of Sherrie’s newest book, 20 Things That Adoptive Parents Need To Succeed.   For those of you who would like... Read more »

Spirit of Adventure

I’ll be rooting for “UP” this Oscar season.  How could you not fall in love with adorable, round Russell –  his sense of adventure, overeagerness, honesty and his moments of  insecurity –  whether or not he’ll get his wilderness badge and if someone will be there to give it to him. In the end, he... Read more »

An Adoptive Mom Seeks Advice On A Birth Family Dilemma

Yesterday, my girls gleefully opened a box filled with belated Valentine’s Day treats that had arrived from Katie’s birthmother.  Inside, we discovered two festive gift bags – one for Katie, and one for Annie Rose.  Each bag held a card, a small toy and a smattering of candy.  The gift bags were separate but equal,... Read more »

Chinese New Year and Six-Year-Old Courtship

A performer at Navy Pier’s Chinese New Year celebration On Sunday, we packed up the girls, all decked out in their pink Valentine’s Day dresses, and we headed to Navy Pier to see the Chinese New Year celebration. K was immediately drawn to the beautifully dressed young Chinese girls and women.  She watched in awe... Read more »

Just What Were They Thinking?

Did they really think they could get away with trying to smuggle a bus load of kids out of their country?  The arrest of U.S missionaries for kidnapping 33 children was frightening and exemplifies what extreme behaviors people are capable of during tragedies.  The reality is they will either be sentenced to prison or the... Read more »

Adopting After Losing A Baby

Finding Katie Why did Andrew and I decide to adopt immediately after losing our first baby instead of trying another pregnancy?  Making the decision to adopt is always a personal decision, but here is the exact reasoning behind our choice: After the autopsy, the doctors told us that Matthew suffered from an autosomal recessive condition. ... Read more »

Domestic vs International Adoption

When we were starting the adoption process, people often asked if we would try to adopt a baby from overseas, with the most common suggestions being China, Russia, Korea and Guatemala.     Our adoption counselor, Maggie Benz, explained to us that a child must officially be declared an orphan in his or her country of... Read more »