PoPs of PoeTry! The Wave of Life

Let’s deal with life through poetry!  Since I was young, I would write a poem whenever I felt compelled. They usually come out in minutes and they are my reactions to instances that have occurred in my life or some event that moved me to write.  

There are poems from the past and current poems that continually flow. Pops of Poetry is written to show how life can be dealt with in a funny, thoughtful, and insightful way.  Using humor, sass, rhyme, and through glorious rhythms and words, I hope you will see that poetry is fun to read, sensitive and life changing. Exciting subjects include friends, relationships, break ups, marriage, kids, teaching, life in Chicago, daily grind, addictions, music, writing, death, surgeries, dreams, the future, hope and many more.   Check in daily to see what’s poppin’ in poetry!

So…my mom died in 2003 and I was still in a daze three years later.  I see now how you can’t just wait for things to happen, you have to move with it, seek the future, be flexible to change. This time after my mom died was quite somber.  I was always reflecting on life and what were my goals and dreams, because as they say, life is short.  I think going for dreams in life and seeing them fulfilled sounds quite fun. I have had dreams for a long time. Thus, too, this blog was created. If I waited any longer, not given it a shot, my dreams would lay static, dormant, never changing. Why not go for your dreams????


Take the time to live our life

For it may soon be gone

Take the time to ride the wave

That carries you along

Think happiness and kindness

And change along the way

Accept the change and take the wave

dealt to you each day~


August 28, 2006

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