15 photos of Bi Rain at the 2013 MAMA Awards that will blow your mind

If you only learned one thing from watching the 2013 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) in Hong Kong this week, it’s that RAIN FALLS AGAIN.

Since exiting the military in early July, the world renown singer, actor, and entrepreneur- Bi Rain has been busy back in the studio. One insider said, “He’s getting ready for his comeback, and looking for artists to feature [in his album]. There are many artists scheduled to make a comeback in January next year, but Rain’s new album will be the first since his discharge [from the military], thus it’s become the most anticipated album and the most focused-on by popular music insiders.”

But then again, this is no regular comeback. This is the global charting, Ninja Assassin star, US People Magazine top 100 Sexiest People -R A I N.

Need I say more?

Prepare an umbrella for January 6, 2014.

Here are 12 images of Rain from 2013 MAMA performance in Hong Kong. You may scream now….











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  • fb_avatar

    I hope he performs in or near my state. I'll be looking to get a front row seat. Rain had girls and guys screaming at the 2013 Asian Mama Awards. True performer power!!!

  • In reply to Michelle Long:

    I agree with you Michelle! Aside from being a great performer, I also admire him being as an actor after seeing him in a movie Ninja Assassin. I still can remember how he transform his body for the film. In fact, the press tag him as one of the Most Insane Celebrity Diets for Films along with other big Hollywood celebrity. And just like you, I also wish that I could see him perform live near in my place. Hoping!!

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