Your Weekend Cry: Groom Plans Bride Dream Wedding via Pinterest

Your Weekend Cry: Groom Plans Bride Dream Wedding via Pinterest

Often times we forget pop culture is more than celebrities and music. It is a reflection of what is current in today’s world an entirety based off ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images, and other phenomena that permeates the everyday lives of our society. Most of the time showcasing the worst and far too little showing us the positive.

As more times than we all care to admit we are consumed with stars licking out their tongues, pompous actors, celebrity divorces and a fake love of Hollywood that is void of reality. But there is an upside to this story. Meet Ryan Leak and Amanda Roman.

One day Ryan Leak, overheard his then girlfriend (Amanda Roman) tell a friend that it had always been her dream to get engaged and married on the same day, he was first puzzled, then intrigued. “How does that even work?” he wondered.

Ryan decided to do some investigation. While at first he had nowhere to start, he quickly realized that Amanda had 224 photos on her Pinterest on a board called “My Dream Wedding.”

Fortunately for Amanda, her soulmate turned out to be just as good at reading her Pinterest as he was at reading her heart.

Unknowingly Amanda has planned her very own “Dream Wedding” on Pinterest from start to finish.

Amanda’s Pinterest laid out every aspect of the wedding, from the big things like the Dress and the wedding party colors and outfits (“could this please be my mother of the bride or groom dress?!”) to the little details like table centerpieces (“you can get the vases at Dollar Tree for $1 each”) and wedding scrapbooks (“the maid of honor could put this together”).

Amanda even pre-planned her own guest seating(“great arrangement so everyone can see”), music schedule, and cake.

All Ryan had to do now was follow instructions. The entire surprise proposal and wedding were filmed for a half-hour documentary appropriately titled “The Surprise Wedding.”


Watch the entire documentary below, tissues required.



Source: The Daily Dot

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