Is this the best or worst wedding proposal ever?

Is this the best or worst wedding proposal ever?

It’s a wrap everyone, actor/director Justin Baldoni has now done the best or worst possible marriage proposal EVER. From N’Sync, the romantic restaurant, flash mob, Oscar worthy video montage to the always touching family moment.  Justin holds nothing back and also showcases his vast cinematic skills which almost makes the video too good and a little unrealistic. But hey, why not?! The more over the top the better I always say.

Watch the entire 27 minutes proposal below for yourself.  But if you don’t have the time here are the cliff notes

  • 2:20 Emily Wonders What Is Happening
  • 5:37 N’Sync Lip Syncing
  • 7:24 Boyz II Men Lip Syncing
  • 8:41 Dancing Queen Lip Syncing
  • 9:36 Flash Mob
  • [Movie Stuff in the Middle Sorta Sucks]
  • 15:13 Home Video Montage
  • 17:40 First Touching Family Scene
  • 20:00 Second Touching Family Scene
  • 20:53 Third Touching Family Scene
  • 22:10 I Just Don’t Know How to Respond Here
  • 22:40 THE PROPOSAL
  • 25:22 The Credits



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Source: Gawker and DalyMail UK


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  • Ugh, gross. The schmoop factor was just too much. The ring better be a globe after she had to sit through all that!

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