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Chasity Wells-Armstrong is bad for the city of Kankakee

Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong photo credit: City of Kankakee Website Four years ago, I was Chasity Wells-Armstrong’s biggest supporter. For ten days before the election, I hammered the former Mayor, Nina Epstein, supporting Chasity. In my column in Chicago Now, I posted a series of glowing articles about what her administration’s new era would bring to... Read more »

Mayor for rent, cheap

Interim Mayor Mike Watson, photo credit Village of Bradley website The Puppet, Pixabay Images Illinois has a well-earned reputation for sleazy politics. We had a good run of Governors going to prison for corruption. The standard joke with Gubernatorial Candidates was to ask them, “who do you hope to draw as a prosecutor?” Unfortunately for... Read more »

Are Bradley, Illinois voters getting the truth in the mayoral race?

It is one thing for political candidates to tell little white lies or take liberties with facts. It is quite another thing when the truth is nowhere in sight. Today is part one of a three-part series that could have come from Meredith Wilson’s 1962 hit, “The Music Man,” starring Robert Preston, a yarn about... Read more »