God Bless the Divided States of America

God Bless the Divided States of America
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I have not written a column for a week. I had a big deadline for another project. I needed some time off, and so I took a week off. I use social media to promote my articles to the political crowd. That is my market.

I limited my time on Twitter and Facebook, and I have to admit that being away has been a good thing. We get caught up in the day-to-day of social media. Stepping back for a week and observing, rather than participating, changes one’s view a great deal.

“You say you want a revolution Well, you know, We all want to change the world…” The Beatles, “Revolution”

Social media could be a tremendous thing. It could be a place where discussing the complex issues that face our society lead to a more informed electorate. Twitter and Facebook could be places where rational discussion of candidates and their ideas are put to the test and analyzed.

In a perfect use of this technology which has so much potential, candidates could appeal to a mass audience for small contributions. That would loosen the handcuffs special interest money places on candidates in exchange for their financial. I am sorry to admit that I know about binding candidates to a  lobbying group’s agenda. I did a lot of it in my time as a lobbyist. Sadly, they are asking for the small donations and the special interest money.

There is some of that kind of positive behavior happening on social media, but you have to search for it, and it is not easy to find.

“But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell you is brother you have to wait”-The Beatles, “Revolution”

Social media is the primary tool of division in the USA. The division is deepening, and division is not the foundation of liberal democracy. No problems have ever been solved using hate and division. Go to Twitter or Facebook on any given day, and hate and conspiracy are on the menu.

Today is a perfect example. President Trump fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. One poster on Twitter wrote:

“- The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, called Trump a “F*cking Moron” and kept his job. — Tillerson then condemns Russia, and he’s fired. — Moral of the Story: Vladimir Putin is calling the shots, not Trump!”

The moral of the story is the author of the tweet has no clue why Donald Trump fired his Secretary of State.  The tension between Tillerson and Trump is ongoing. The author of the tweet is cloud watching and assuming it was because of Tillerson’s criticism of Vladimir Putin. This tweet is an example of political hate, and it is as destructive of behavior toward our nation as the things we routinely accuse Donald Trump of doing.

Over the eight years of Barack Obama, the Tea Party and the Libertarian Republicans that are the foundation of the Trump base preached this same type of hate. Are they a good role model for us to emulate?

I do not think so.

“You say you’ll change the constitution Well, you know We all want to change your head…” The Beatles, “Revolution

So, why all the hate, why all the division? The two major political parties are why there are so much hate and so much division. Dividing the country is what they do best. It is their job.

The political parties are not about illumination or bringing us together as a nation to solve our national questions. They are about one thing, and one thing only, and that is winning elections.

They do not care how they do it. If the parties must rally extremists to spew hate and discord, then so be it. After elections, the parties used to talk about coming together as a nation, and unity and a shared purpose. We no longer hear those words, do we?

I am sorry to say it, but hate sells. I do not like, or support Donald Trump’s agenda. I find his behavior as President offensive, crude, and hypocritical.

We can make valid points that stick without delving into the world of hate and becoming just like the Trump base.

I want a change in America as much as anyone. Perhaps even more than some people. I have worked in Government and seen glimmers of its greatness to help those in need, those who suffer, and those who know oppression.

We should be talking about those issues, and not cooking up wild conspiracies, and saying we know the causes of Presidential decisions when the reality is none of us have a clue as to why Presidents do what they do.

We need to lay aside our hate to save America from our most dangerous enemy. That enemy is ourselves.

God Bless the Divided States of America, and may we find our way as a nation once again.

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