Donald Trump is more dangerous to his Presidency than Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump is more dangerous to his Presidency than Stormy Daniels
Donald Trump tries to con the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board on Monday, June 29, 2015. (Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune)

Former adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford took center stage on CBS Television’s 60 Minutes Sunday night. There was much anticipation by activists against Mr. Trump for last night’s interview.

Pundits and prognosticators were united in their optimism that Ms. Clifford’s appearance would mark the beginning of the end for the Trump era. If I read it once, read it ten times that a porn star would be the demise of the President of the United States.

The interview did not disappoint those of us who oppose Donald Trump. The 39-year-old Mother added much drama to our political lives like we need more. She spoke about a man walking up and threatening her in front of her child.

She claims she did not know the person who threatened her but would recognize him again. I am perplexed that the Las Vegas Police did not show her mugshots of Trump Casino security. I have seen enough made-for-TV movies to know where to point the finger!

That is a significant problem with the interview. Drama in government and business exists mostly in Hollywood blockbuster movies. I worked with the CEOs of many of the biggest companies on the planet when they were under stress or attack. In more than 20 years at the pinnacles of power in Government and Industry, I cannot point to a single instance of threats of personal harm levied at a whistleblower.

Is the FEC a smoking gun?

What is interesting is the Federal Election Commission aspect to the case. “Aha! We have caught Trump in illegal contributions. The impeachment is on the horizon, where’s Mueller and his indictment?” are the cries this morning.

The FEC is painfully slow in looking into election law violations. They tend to ignore Candidates. Here is a story about the FEC, the FBI, and illegal contributions.

One summer morning in 1998, the FBI came knocking at my door at 6:30 AM. They wanted to talk to me about a contribution made by a former client to the late Congressman Charlie Wilson (D-TX). It seems a fundraiser I had organized that raised $50,000.00 was illegal. The client wrote 50 checks to friends and business associates in the amount of $1.000.00, who in turn wrote checks to Charlie for the fundraiser in the same amount.

I told FBI that two weeks after the campaign I learned what had happened, and immediately contacted Charlie’s finance chairman who shrugged it off. The FBI did not care about the Congressman. They were after the client. The FEC called me four months later to inquire about the contribution.

I went to the interview at the FEC, and there was nearly audible snoring by the investigators while going through the details. Laid before the investigators was a clear-cut case of campaign finance fraud on a broad level. There were three witnesses to the fraud as well as ten participants who wrote checks that were willing to testify in the case. The FEC had copies of all the canceled checks and even a cover letter explaining to recipients how to break the law.

The FEC and the FBI did nothing. Money did not bring down Charlie Wilson, and it will not bring down Donald Trump.

Sex and Money are important issues to the opposition

Sex and money seem to be no longer that big of a deal in American politics. Remember a guy named Bill Clinton? The GOP believed his sexual dalliances would bring him down too. Parades of women came forward that he had hit on for sex. The GOP proclaimed him a reprobate and morally unfit to be the President of the United States.

What was the outcome of the 1996 election? The GOP moral beacon to the World, Bob Dole, was soundly thrashed by knave Bill Clinton. No matter how many stories we heard about Bill Clinton and his misogyny, the voters reelected him.

What Americans care about

Americans mostly vote our pocketbooks. If we are not voting our pocketbooks, then we vote on national security. We will be fascinated or appalled by sex, but when we get into the voting booth, all that changes.

We are in the middle of a nine-year bull market. Unemployment is low, whether we like it or not, the resident of the White House gets the accolades as well as the blame on economic issues.

Bill Clinton showed us that sexual misconduct and breaking marriage vows are not that important to voters. Neither is an unsubstantiated claim of personal threats by a powerful man.

If you recall, many people around Bill Clinton died, including close friend and advisor Vince Foster, who committed suicide. There were stories about the Clintons having him rubbed out. They linger to this day among the far-right. The voters ignored the stories in the 1996 election, and they will ignore the Stormy Daniels story in 2020.

Donald Trump will bring down Donald Trump. What is significant is the Russia story. Trump knows this. Today’s news shows how President Trump is making moves to mitigate the damage done by his bromance with Putin. The Trump Administration is expelling sixty Russian diplomats from the USA in response to the poisoning story from England.

Donald Trump is trying to change the debate and show he is tough on the Ruskys.

Donald Trump’s Achilles heel

Does he have a potentially fatal flaw in his economic plan? Yes, he does, and he may have made a fatal political error is with his pending trade war with China. Markets are tumbling in the wake of his decision to impose tariffs against China. However, the Wall Street Journal reports today that diplomats are quietly working to come to a resolution on the trade issue.

If there is a resolution, you can bet in 2020 he will crow like the rooster about how he stared down China and expanded American jobs.

Defeating Donald Trump is not going to be easy. We are going to have to work and work hard on the traditional issues that American’s care about at election time. Sex is not one of those issues.

We had a fun weekend with Stormy, let us now turn our attention to issues that voters care about on election day.

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