The GOP openly embraces racism

The GOP openly embraces racism
A young man at a drinking fountain in Georgia in the 1930s. Is the GOP waxing nostalgic for the good old days? (Photo, Pixabay Images)

Does one have to be a racist to be a Republican today? No, but to be a “good” Republican, one must become an apologist and racist denier.

I spent more than four decades in the Republican Party at high levels. I saw the racism in the background. Like many of my fellow neocons who admired men like Nelson Rockefeller, Eisenhower, and Henry Cabot Lodge I thought to myself, the voices of hate and intolerance do not speak for the party, and we need the votes of those who may not be people I admire.

I looked to men of conscience in the party who turned away from racism and bigotry and worked for the greater good of all as my political models. I could do that as a young man because there were many. As time passed, and the neocons began to die off, the numbers of men on conscience in the party started to dwindle. For every George Romney, five Pat Buchannans began to appear.

The racism entered the party in the President Johnson era, but it was stealthy and in the background. It was pointed squarely at Martin Luther King, Jr, Jesse Jackson, and the Civil Rights Movement. The word “they” or “those people” meaning African-Americans became code-talk for the “N’word.

I was in full GOP apologist and denial mode. I would argue these men were feared because they were firebrands and wanted to destroy the status quo. It is not true. As I look back and am honest about the Republican Party that was my political home for many decades, it was not fear of King and Jackson; it was outright scorn.

insertFox News is the vehicle being used to make racism respectable in the GOP. Bill Kristol is one of the few Republicans I hold in high esteem. This morning, Mr. Kristol re-tweeted the Fox story on the left with the caption, “This is bigotry masquerading as sociology.” He is exactly right.

From the invention of science to the beginnings of social science, bigots have been trying to justify their hate with the stamp of scientific fact. The GOP needs a seal of approval on its ethnic and racial bias and is turning to social science to duck and cover.

The GOP also uses “Think tanks” to try to put lipstick on the pig of racial bias. My final straw with the GOP came last summer when the Tea Party admiring Illinois Policy Institute who likes the new racists in the GOP such as Senator Rand Paul, published a racist cartoon of an up and coming Illinois State Senator, Toi Hutchinson, who is an African American.

I called Illinois Policy Institute out, and the GOP racism apologists came to their defense. “After all, she is one,” was the most potent argument they could muster. The article that lit the firestorm can be read here.

Later in the year, Governor Bruce Rauner of Illinois was forced to fire a member of his staff who previously was with Illinois Policy Institute for racial tweets. It was the staffer’s first day on the job.

The Latin Proverb — Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi looqui debuit ac potuit means, he who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree.

The proverb is the basis of the modern saying, silence equals consent. Many people mistakenly think that the saying emerged from the Holocaust and the world turning a blind eye to the extermination camps until after the end of World War II. The idea is an ancient concept.

Silence by people of conscience and morality give aid and comfort to racism and hate. Just look at Fox News for proof of what I say. People like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and the Program Fox and Friends are putting legitimacy on the face of racism.

They have gone from turning a blind eye to racism, to giving racist ideas and action legitimacy. Look whom Fox and the GOP have embraced as their party leader. A man who says many good people are White Nationalists, who takes massive amounts of money from the Mercer family who have a record of racial hate and bigotry.

Racism is now mainstream in the GOP and the GOP is silent about it. The only argument the GOP apologists can make is the lame argument made about Senator Toi Hutchinson, “she is one.” They do try to deny their racist rhetoric outright. It is so foolish that when they do start with the denials, it is best to ignore them because you are arguing with a fool.

People of good standing and moral character are abandoning the GOP. It is not only people of my generation. Today in Virginia, an up and coming twenty-eight-year-old GOP activist, Kyle McDaniel quit the party over Donald Trump’s racist remarks.

Mr. McDaniel served on the Virginia State Republican Committee for two years and was considered a rising star in the GOP. He told the Washington Post that he would vote for individual candidates, but would not hold a party affiliation.

Members of the GOP frequently attack me for leaving the party and being very public about it. Earlier, there were not a large number of us who changed sides and dared to state why we abandoned the Party publicly. I wrote an article that you can read here that emboldened many others to follow me out.

Our numbers are now growing. The tide of racism that has swept the GOP is costing the GOP its future. It is not just the party that is suffering. The nation is hurting as the GOP tries to turn back the cause of civil rights by fifty years.

They can try to spin all they want; they can try to deny and justify their racist’s beliefs with sociology or science. It does not alter the fact the GOP has the welcome mat rolled out for racism.

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