Rome is burning, where are the Democrats?

Rome is burning, where are the Democrats?
Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Official US Senate and US House photos

We used to have a political party in the USA called the Democratic Party. It seems to be missing in action. Does anyone know where it went?

The Democratic Party used to have great men and women of stature and conscience who were the voice of the working class. They stood tall against injustice and were champions of civil rights. They were outspoken, and visionary, and worked the system to help those who have little.

Some of the names are legendary: Kennedy, Johnson, Roosevelt, Humphrey just to name a few. They were a wall against legislation that hurt those in society who have the least means to protect themselves against the power of the very rich.

Where did they go? Why are they silent? Why are they not remembering those who are not wealthy or powerful as a tax bill marches through Congress? Other than an occasional “gotcha” proposal from the usual suspects who are not in leadership, there is an alarming silence from leadership and the party.

When I joined the Democratic Party, I was welcomed warmly. Many people used the Will Rogers Quote, “I’m not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat.” I thought it was funny at the time. I’m not laughing today. I see that it is true.

There is a grassroots movement fired up, and ready to act to support those who can’t speak for themselves. Where are the Generals, where is the leadership? Why are you hiding? Is there a big trick up your sleeves?

As Democrats, we need to call our folks in Congress to express our displeasure. We also need to write and call our Democratic Leadership and tell them to get busy and do something instead of being observers.

Here are my thoughts about a letter to Leadership; you should write your own. It isn’t just Rome that is burning. The GOP program is burning all Americans.

Dear Chuck and Nancy,

I hope you’re doing well and getting ready for Christmas and Hanukkah. I hate to bother you during the Holiday Season, but a matter has come up that is of extreme importance that needs your immediate attention.

In case you weren’t aware, the GOP in the House and Senate passed an onerous Tax Bill which screws us all unless we are multimillionaires and corporations.

The medical expense deduction for the gravely ill is out, 11 million people will lose their health insurance, States and Municipalities are losing as are homeowners and graduate students. Overall, it’s really bad legislation.

My question is simple. What do you plan on doing to change it? Is the answer nothing? Is the party going to leave this army of activists to their own devices? Is that in the best interests of America?

I understand the GOP is giving us a lot to run on in 2018. You know, and I know, the odds of the Democrats taking the Senate is slim. You know, and I know, we need a landslide in the House to retake the House. What are you doing about it?

It’s not enough to be anti-Trump. What is the Democratic Party vision for real change? Where is the plan? Where is the communications program that will lead us to victory?

When Thomas Perez was elected Chairman of the Democratic Party, the Washington Post story quoted the former Labor Secretary:

 “Someday, they’re going to study this era of American history,” Perez said after his win. “They’re going to ask the question of all of us: Where were you in 2017 when we had the worst president in the history of the United States? We will be able to say that the Democratic Party led the resistance and made sure this was a one-term president.” —Secretary Thomas Perez, February 2017.

I’m not waiting for history, I’m asking now. Where are you, what are the plans?



That is how my letter will look. You can write your own letter. We are entitled to some answers. We’re not getting leadership. We’re getting soundbites and that is not leadership.

The reconciliation conference on the tax-bill will begin this week. What are the plans for the conference? I hope it isn’t just to sit there like mushrooms and be observers?

To allow the GOP to screw seniors, the poor, and students for political advantage in 2018, especially absent any coherent plan, or definitive action would make us no better than the GOP. That is using the poor, the elderly, and students as pawns in the political chess game.

We need substance. We aren’t getting substance. Due to a lack of direction, the activists are running in a dozen different directions and most of it is not in an effective direction.

Please give a call to Secretary Perez, and tell him that if he has his Holiday Shopping completed and doesn’t have anything more pressing to get done to please step-up his game and lead. You can call him at (202) 863-8000. Join me and put that number on our call list as well as calling our Members of Congress.

It’s past due time to make Will Roger’s quip a joke and not a statement of fact.

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