In the wake of the Texas church shooting what drives the GOP? Tax cuts and not mass murders

In the wake of the Texas church shooting what drives the GOP? Tax cuts and not mass murders
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How did I ever belong to the GOP? The longer I am away from the party, the more frequently that question comes to mind. To the GOP it appears the mass shooting in Texas has zero questions for Washington.

Instead of asking how it is the shooter could legally buy a gun with a past that includes domestic violence and a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force for domestic violence, the GOP is single-focus on tax breaks for the rich and corporations, and hiking taxes on the rest of us.

We live in crazy times

As the Brookings Institute reports today, It appears they are also trying to bestow tax breaks on fetuses. I didn’t know fetuses had social security numbers?

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was badly beaten at his residence on Friday. The Junior Senator sustained 5 broken ribs. The FBI who is investigating the case hasn’t released details about a motive for the attack. Could it have been a crazed person on the left upset that the Senator plans on repealing the individual mandate in the tax bill? It could also be a crazed person from the right who is upset the Senator voted against the budget deal in the Senate because it wasn’t onerous enough.

What’s the GOP rush on the tax bill?

We don’t have a national economic emergency. There is no recession. This is the time in the economic cycle we should be paying down our irresponsible debt that belongs to the GOP anyway. What happened to all those fans of balanced budgets of just a year ago?

Oh yeah, that’s right. I keep forgetting. The GOP is only in favor of conservative principles when a Democrat is in the White House. When the GOP has control, it is a different story.

The GOP strategy in the past year has come into sharp focus. Lie to white displaced workers in the rust belt, making promises about bringing back jobs that are flat out lies, then as soon as we can, jam a tax bill through that is a Christmas Present to the wealthy, and a curse to the middle class. Who cares if it means the end of the GOP holding the House, or even keeping the White House? The tax cut for the fat cats is the end game.

The tax cut isn’t the only game. They also want to strip the poor, the elderly, and the disabled of Healthcare. It isn’t they don’t want the elderly to live a long time, or the poor to be healthy. They want those things.

They want them to happen by magic. They just don’t want to pay for it. All those words they hear in Church on Sunday about helping the sick, the elderly and the disadvantaged are something they will give thoughts and prayers to that they may happen.

They don’t want to do anything about it and God forbid having to pay for someone else. When they talk about those in need privately, their conversations show absolute contempt for anyone who is in need. I’ve heard many of those conversations.

The big rush is they fear the very lobbyists they have shaken down for contributions over the decades. They’ve gored a lot of oxen in this tax bill. Those who have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to Senators and Congressmen for their friendship are not feeling friendly and have headed to Capitol Hill. Leadership knows that time is not on their side and they must move fast.

The housing industry alone has the long knives out. They aren’t the only industry that is on the warpath. The GOP has sat and made such fools of themselves over the past 10 months that the Democrats haven’t had to do much in terms of opposing the GOP. The GOP is divided, and they have defeated most GOP agenda items themselves.

This tax bill is not without controversy among Republicans. That doesn’t mean the Democrats are going to have the luxury of sitting back and watching the show. To keep the individual mandate, and to keep the middle class from being raped by the GOP on taxes, the Democrats are going to have to step up to the plate.

How many more mass murders before the GOP discusses our gun problem?

Officials investigating the mass murder at a church in Texas have spoken to the press about the horror when they entered the church building. More than half the victims are children. We should be taking our children to church to learn about God, to learn about helping others, to learn about kindness, and charity, and hope. In Texas yesterday morning, people took their kids to church to die.

By law, the gunman was not eligible to own a firearm due to his bad conduct discharge from the Air Force. So why did the system not flag him and allow him to buy a military weapon? In fact, why are military weapons available to the public at large?

The public at large are not members of a “well-organized militia” with authorization to protect the state. The GOP refuses to confront these questions, and then sends a bill for their lack of action to the NRA who pays. In the meantime, children die in dangerous places like schools, movie theaters, and church. The does nothing about it.

I wonder if Speaker Paul Ryan reads the news? If he does, I wonder if he only gets his news from Fox News? If he should accidentally see a copy of the Washington Post dropped by a Democrat in the Capitol Building, he should look at it. He will see a new poll by the Post and ABC News, two “fake news” outlets as described by the head of the GOP, Donald Trump. The poll says that Voters say that they prefer Democratic candidates over Republican candidates for the House of Representatives by the widest margin in over a decade.

There is food for thought.

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