It shouldn’t be a shock that Donald Trump and the GOP lied to us about Medicare

It shouldn’t be a shock that Donald Trump and the GOP lied to us about Medicare
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Political lies are nothing new. “Watch my lips, no new taxes,” from George HW Bush; “You can keep your present insurance,” from Barack Obama even earned the “Lie of the Year” from Time Magazine. Now Trump and the GOP have told a whopper. “I will not cut Medicare,” Candidate Trump assured voters. It’s sad that so many fell for this lie.

It comes as no shock that Donald Trump lies, and the GOP has been lying to those of us over 65 too. Trump is incapable of telling the truth. His lips move and just know that he is lying. Political Parties take on the personality of their leader.

The GOP is firmly, and completely the party of Donald Trump. Three Senators have made noise about Trump and his dishonesty. They’re retiring, and the rest of the lot cower behind Trump and have become his sycophants.

In the furor about vile Tweets, Russia investigations, and the myriad other distractions surrounding the scandal-plagued Trump Administration, the GOP took aim at the poor, the disabled, and the elderly.

Medicare has always been a sacred cow. Old people vote and despite our forgetfulness that comes with advancing years, one thing we don’t forget is who screwed us over. Just ask Sharron Angle of Nevada. The weekend before the midterm elections Ms. Angle had Senator Harry Reid on the ropes. She went to a retirement home and said the standard GOP line, “I’m sorry, we just can’t afford it. We’re going to have to cut Social Security and Medicare.” Who folks in Nevada couldn’t afford was Sharron Angle. She was soundly beaten just a few days later.

Medicare became the law of the land on July 30, 1965. President Johnson signed it into law as part of the Great Society programs. The law provides subsidized Healthcare to the elderly and disabled. The GOP has hated the popular program since it was proposed. The irrational fear that socialized medicine is on our doorstep has been the GOP paranoia since that date.

The GOP rejects the notion they don’t have a heart. Nobody will type the words “prayers for you” on social media faster than a Republican. It’s painless and free, and the Government doesn’t have to pay for the words.

That is the extent of their compassion. They have more compassion for the poor put-upon billionaires who really need a 1.5 trillion-dollar gift in the form of tax cuts. They are in much graver state than the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. For the humor challenged, that is sarcasm.

In the world of the GOP, the common view is “I’ve got mine, screw you.” They claim to be deeply religious. I would highly suggest they re-read the section of the Christian Bible about camels and jumping through the eye of a needle. This time read it for meaning.

In the budget deal passed earlier in October, the GOP cut nearly 500 billion dollars over a decade from Medicare. That is 50 billion dollars per year for ten years. What makes it more tragic is my generation, the Baby-Boomers who have paid into the system for 50 years now the ones being cut.

This appears to be the GOP logic: old people are on the path to death anyway, why prolong the inevitable? If you are a multimillionaire cutting Medicare is not a big deal. Most Americans are not multimillionaires. Most of Congress are multimillionaires. See the problem?

The American Association of Retired Persons, AARP, sent a letter urging Congress to reject the cuts. Evidently, those letters ended up in Capitol Hill wastepaper baskets. Thanks to the Trump distractions, Granny is going to be put on the ice flow along with the disabled, and the poor. It’s the Christian thing to do according to the GOP. We must save our compassion for the Billionaires who could buy a hospital if they get sick.

There is another reason for the cuts other than the GOP despises Medicare, Medicaid, and any type of subsidized care for the elderly, poor, or disabled. The proposed Trump tax cut is a real deficit increase. All thoughts of being fiscally responsible that the GOP waxed about for the previous 8 years has been totally forgotten. The deficit will blossom. Who will pay for it?

Of course, the middle class, the elderly, the poor, and the disabled. It’s yet another broken Trump campaign promise. That’s the Republican way.
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