I love Mexicans

I love Mexicans
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Our xenophobic President, Donald Trump in Poland with his neofascist pals that run Poland these days made me think of Mexicans in America.

Poland is one of the most homogenous nations on Earth.  Like Hungary and a few other nations in Eastern and Central Europe, they are in love with neofascism.  The skinhead movement is big there.  It figures Trump would be loved there.  He is among his own kind.

He gave a good speech worthy of any visiting President upon his arrival.  He obviously had nothing to do with its preparation, since it flip- flopped on Article V of the NATO charter.  I’m sure he had no clue what Article V means when he embarrassed the USA at the NATO meetings, and I am sure he is just as clueless today.  After an elegant speech, he gave a humiliating and hostile press conference.  Of course, it sold well in Poland where they don’t want a free press any more than Trump wants a free press.

Poland’s xenophobia is targeted at the Muslim minority in Poland, as well as at Jews.  I wrote about that in an earlier article which you can read by clicking here.

Trump’s xenophobia is directed at Muslims, as well as Mexicans as well as pretty much anyone else that is not in his narrow definition of a white person.  According to Trump, they’re drug dealers, gang members,  and rapists and altogether something that we should be walled up against.

Of course, he thinks they are stealing our jobs.  Yeah, Mohammed the Heart Surgeon, and Jose the Anesthesiologist are stealing the job of that dude in West Virginia who has his GED.

Mexicans are wonderful.  Martinez Tacos in my hometown of Kankakee, Illinois is in an old Pizza Restaurant from my youth.  The place is beautiful and the food is out of this world.  The family who owns it works long hours and have invested in the community.  Yet, one day I heard with my own ears the Chairwoman of the Kankakee GOP launch into a hate rant about “spics.”

Her party killed the opportunity in the town by propping up those who steal from the taxpayers, and she insults Mexicans who are investing and trying to rebuild the town she and her kind destroyed.

Guess what?  Mexicans have moved to America and are part of the American Experience too.  I welcome them and here are just a few reasons why.

They work very hard.  They do jobs most Americans won’t do and they do them without complaining.  They also do them well.

They are family oriented.  They tend to have large families who are loving people.  That loving extends to outsiders as well as the family unit.

They are church-going people.  Unlike many gringos who go to church on Sunday, then walk out and forget everything they were taught in church about kindness, charity, and goodwill, Mexicans put it to work in their lives.  I love, love, love, kind, giving people and Mexicans have that going for them.

They’re smart and innovative.  I don’t care if they are picking beans in California’s Central Valley, or harvesting corn in Illinois, or running a restaurant, or doing brain surgery on a sick person.  Mexicans will find a way to do it better and faster.  They have been undersold as a people.

I’m not the only person who feels this way.  I have a friend on Facebook, Jay Graham who lives in Rogersville, Alabama.  He wrote me and told me he invited his Mexican neighbor to a 4th of July bash.  Let me share with you in Jay’s own words about his 4th of July.  I better edit some of Jay’s words now that I look at this.  He can be creative with some of his adjectives and this is a family column.

‘When you are not an <expletive deleted> and invite your Mexican neighbors over for a 4th of July bash, what do you get?  You get hand-made tamales, rolled in banana leaves, and cooked with a labor of love, not to mention an endless supply of margaritas, made by a Mexican guy, who barely speaks English, but he is always has a smile on his face.

“…their kids speak fluent English and are beautiful.  The American melting pot is a beautiful thing but, like I said, you have to be a non-<expletive deleted> to see it.”

God Bless you, Jay, and God Bless your neighbor and his family too.  Jay has it right only an <expletive deleted> wouldn’t see that the American melting pot is a beautiful thing.

The day we lose the melting pot is the day we lose America.

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