Donald Trump embarrasses the USA and insults the Mayor of London (again)

Donald Trump embarrasses the USA and insults the Mayor of London (again)
Screen shot of a lie by Trump and an insult to an ally

Fox News, or is that Faux News, teamed up with Donald Trump to insult an ally, who was the victim of another terror attack that took innocent lives.  Shortly after the attack, President Trump put out the tweet above.

Did he get is information from a State Department Briefing?  Maybe the CIA briefed the President about the attack and the Mayor of London’s words.

According to Politifact, none of those agencies were involved.  Instead, the President had been watching Fox & Friends, and his comments parrot back what the TV Network’s nest of bigots were saying about the London Attacks.

Their “information” was pulled from their nether regions, it appears.

Organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda depend on people like Donald Trump, Fox News, and the fundamentalist right-wingers who spew hate for Islam.  They use it in their recruiting and Donald Trump, and Fox, and the religious bigots in the United States and elsewhere are more than happy to help them recruit.

It appears we have our own Taliban in the West.  You see them on Facebook, and Twitter advocating tearing down the wall between the Church and State.  What you get when that wall disappears are the Dark Ages.

The GOP and its views on science do flirt with the Dark Ages mentality, which is one reason I left the GOP and am not looking back.  Giordano Bruno, a scientist, and philosopher was burned at the stake by religious fanatics in 1600.  His sin was placing the sun and not the Earth at the center of the solar system.

Science deniers are nothing new among the religious.

In our modern day, they now run a political party, the GOP, and a TV Network, Fox News.  They no longer burn people at the stake.  Instead, they hover together on social media and ridicule science and the educated.  They are barbarians who celebrate ignorance.

Ignorance has ramifications as we see from the attack by Trump on the grieving victims of terror in London.  When the USA was attacked on September 11, 2001, did Tony Blair take a cheap shot at the USA?

No, he stood by us and viewed an attack on the USA as an attack on Great Britain.  That is what an ally does.  That is what a Great Man does.  Tony Blair is a Great Man.  Donald Trump will never be a great man.  He is a small man and always will be a small man.  He is uncouth and ignorant.

Unfortunately, he is also President of the USA as embarrassing as that is.

He is the pied piper of the uncouth and ignorant who revel in his stupidity and his hate.  He is a nativist genital-grabbing oaf with a big mouth that is not attached to a healthy brain.

He ran on a platform to help the rust-belt recover.  He was going to be a Messiah of the White Working Man in America.  I’m unsure how insulting our best-trading partners, insulting those who buy American Bonds to finance our irresponsible deficits that Donald Trump proposes to make even larger; I’m not sure how further destabilizing the world is part of achieving that lofty goal.

Trump’s behavior runs contrary to achieving those noble goals.

The GOP needs to get rid of the Elephant as its symbol.  It needs to replace it with a Visigoth.  The Visigoths were the barbarians who conquered Rome and destroyed the Roman Empire.  They remind me of today’s GOP, barbaric and crude, who celebrated ignorance and used force over reason.

The barbarians are not at the gate; the barbarians are inside the gate and run our government.  I hope we can do something about that in the midterm election and take the House and Senate away from the GOP who is unfit to govern.

To do that, the Democratic Party needs to wake up and start focusing on the issues that caused the mass exodus of workers from the Democratic Party to the Party of the Barbarians.  I don’t see those issues being addressed in a meaningful way.

We can’t lament the loss of great liberal ideas without remembering Americans vote our pocketbooks.  That is being ignored by the Democratic Party for the moment and it strengthens Donald Trump and his gang.   The workers want jobs, not a social program.  The opposition needs to address that need.

In the meantime, I will store the headline “Donald Trump embarrasses…” because I am sure I will use it often.

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