A shutdown is an early Xmas Present to Democrats

A shutdown is an early Xmas Present to Democrats
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“Mr. President, abandon this wall.” Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan should be shouting the words President Reagan used in Berlin to challenge Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down The Wall.  The words need to be a spoken as a challenge to the Bigot-In-Chief in the Oval Office to abandon his folly about a wall between the USA and Mexico.

It is a wall that serves no purpose other than to inflame hate for those whose native language is Spanish.  It serves no purpose other than to drive a wedge with our good trading partner, Mexico.  It serves no purpose other than to tell white supremacists and ultranationalist that you’re still with them.

Is there really a good reason to reaffirm that you support White Nationalism?  They’re dumb as coal buckets and will vote for Trump anyway, so is it worth delaying social security checks to retired Americans all of whom vote each election, and will remember the GOP Congress in a bad way if the Government shuts down.

It begs the question, does President Trump want a Democratic Congress?

Sometimes I think Trump despises Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as much as the Democrats do.  He may despise them even more than the Democrats do.  Mr. Trump seems to take a strange delight in making them walk the plank for his strange ideas.

Just yesterday, he mentioned he’d like to repeal Obamacare…..next week.  He made this bold statement on the same day he hosted two icons of White Trash at The White House, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin.  Never mind there is no alternative plan, never mind that nothing has been sent to Committee Chairmen to review, never mind there have been no hearings on Healthcare policy since the President and Ryan’s massive failure in the House to repeal and replace the ACA.

President Trump seems to just pick statements out of the nether regions of his backside and blurt them out to the press.  It is OK to give the impression of being unpredictable.  That can be of great use in governing.  It is not ok to give the impression of being unpredictable and unstable.  That just makes one’s credibility fly out the window.

I guess the President wants more Town Hall meetings where angry citizens come en masse and scream at GOP Members of Congress?  I guess he wants to read of more GOP Congressmen deciding now is a good time to retire because voters want their skin because of Trump’s policies?  Maybe that’s all jolly good entertainment to President Trump?

Government blame 101: when there is a shutdown of the government, who takes the blame are those who are running Congress.  That is the history of shutdowns.

The GOP, your own party, Mr. President, will take the blow for a shutdown.  It can be argued the GOP is not Mr. Trump’s party and is only the one that nominated Donald Trump.  Trump is the biggest RINO (Republican in Name Only) that has ever hijacked a party.  He is more of a hybrid Ultra-Nationalist than conservative.  There is no room in conservatism for trade protectionism and abandonment of the US Constitution.  Mr. Trump does both and regularly.   Look at his abysmal record with initiatives of his being declared unconstitutional.

I do wish one thing.  I wish he would limit his outreach to white nationalists to having lunch at the White House with White Trash and cease using The Constitution as a doormat to wipe his dirty shoes on.

Republicans used to call for Constitutional Government.  I guess they have abandoned that too.  Why not?  They’ve abandoned everything the GOP has believed in from Ike through Bush, so why not toss Constitutional Government overboard too?

Next week may spell the fate for the GOP control of Congress.  If they pass it without paying for the wall that Trump told us Mexico would pay for and he vetoes the bill, the GOP is cooked.  If they pass it with the wall appropriation in it, they are cooked too.

There really is no good outcome for McConnell and Ryan.  From my perspective, it couldn’t happen to two more deserving chaps.

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