Does Trump want to quit?

Does Trump want to quit?
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It’s a legitimate question. Is the bloom off the rose of the idea of being President? Maybe having music played when you walk into the room, and getting a really cool 747 to fly around in and not have to pay for the fuel yourself has lost its appeal to The Donald?

His behavior would tend to support that view. Just look at the gaffs. This goes beyond being a political rookie, and ventures into the realm of questioning how could he have gotten rich in the first place?

Starting at the GOP convention with his acceptance speech. Can any of you recall an acceptance speech that was so egotistical, so “all about me”? I can’t. The “I and I alone can save you,” is a testimony to narcissism. What happened to “we the people”?

Then the attack on the Mother and Father of a fallen war hero. You just don’t attack Gold Star families. They have earned the right to say what they want when they want, and our response should be, “thank you for the sacrifice you have made and thank you for raising such a fine son who is a hero.”

This tomfoolery that somehow he sacrificed for the nation by employing thousands of people is ridiculous on its very face. When you employ people, you get value out of it, they make you money or you don’t employ them. That is the moral equivalency of losing your son in a war?

He committed the ultimate sin a politician can commit: instead of kissing a baby, he threw one out of his rally in Virginia. Kissing, not dissing babies is a time-honored tradition in American politics. Having someone in office who loves kids is a good virtue, or so the old saw goes. Not Donald, he wanted the Mom and her screaming kid out where he would not be interrupted.

Then, the Purple Heart fiasco. Donald always wanted to win a purple heart, so one of The Donald Cult donated his purple heart to Trump? This was pretty bold for a guy who courageously avoided capture and torture by the North Vietnamese in the War by staying in the United States courtesy of five draft deferments. Note to Trump, one must shed blood for the Country, and not dodge military service to earn a purple heart. Because you have the medal in your possession now doesn’t mean you have a Purple Heart.

His idiotic speech of yesterday.

Why do we even bother fact checking his speeches?

The attack on the unemployment number is ridiculous. The number has been in use for decades, its formula set and respected by both parties, and economists. The difference in the total number of people in the workforce now vs the total before the recession is pretty easy to explain merely with the aging and retirement of the baby-boomers. By the way, Mr. Trump totally ignores all Boomer issues.

The attack on trade. This one is really out in left field, literally in the left field. Was that a GOP speech or an Occupy Wall Street rally? I couldn’t tell. I guess Donald missed the part in his economics class where he learned that Herbert Hoover, the last President who embraced high tariffs paid the price for his protectionism with 25% unemployment and The Great Depression?

Our trade agreements have been the great success story of post-World War II American economics. To single out Korea is bogus, too. As he would have learned had he been awake in Economics class in college, forcing consumers to pay more with protectionism is bad for consumers and the economy. He also would have learned that a strong dollar against other currencies makes US exports less attractive, and that has not one thing to do with free trade agreements.

Of course, as I’ve always said, when one is 13 points down in the polls against one’s opponent in an election, talk about death taxes. Workers worry about the tax on their estates greater than 10.9 MILLION dollars. By the way, that is sarcasm. Trump just handed the middle class to Hillary with that one. I’m sure she will say thank you on November 9th.

Let’s deregulate the auto industry, there’s an idea. It is highly regulated and for safety reasons, not to mention conservation of oil. We halved the death rates in auto accidents then halved it again due to regulations. In places like Los Angeles, one can actually see the mountains due to improved air quality and there is no more killer smogs.

Nobody can make this many mistakes in a campaign and say they want the job. It appears his running for President was a publicity stunt to promote the Trump Brand that got out of hand.

How does he gracefully get out? By losing, of course. That appears to be his goal and he is taking the rest of what’s left of the GOP, which is not much, with him down in defeat.

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