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Finding Motivation for the Miles

Sometimes, even if you love to run, you need a little extra motivation. Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle was like that for me. I didn’t want to go. I had slept much in the nights prior and didn’t feel particularly great – I was actually seeing spots when I woke up in the morning. And, because it’s... Read more »

Trying To Focus Long Enough For Visualizations

I did it. I attended my first life coach group session. As a skeptic venturing into this journey, I will, as promised, talk about the process and what I’m getting from it. I will, however, also tread lightly about just how detailed I get. We have very few rules in our group (like, two). But... Read more »

Five Chicago Marathon Spectator Tips

Planning to watch someone run the marathon? Here are a few tips that can make finding each other amongst the masses a little bit easier. 1. Have your runner where something to distinguish him/herself. Those neon shoes may seem like enough, but try to make the runner’s outfit stand out as much as possible –... Read more »

Junior League of Kane & DuPage Counties To Hold 5K & Family Fun Event

The Junior League of Kane & DuPage Counties, Inc. (JLKD) is holding their first annual Readers on the Run and family fun event on Saturday, October 15th in Batavia. The event includes a certified 5K run course, a half-mile Junior Bookworms run for kids and family activities that will take place throughout the morning. Families... Read more »

Chicago Marathon Registration Closed - Charity Partner Slots and Minimums

Chicago Marathon Registration Closed - Charity Partner Slots and Minimums
Registration is now closed for the Chicago Marathon. I posted these charity partners and minimums in a previous post, but for those now scrambling for a marathon slot, I’m reposting. Now that registration is closed, the minimums are higher in a lot of cases – because they can. But, remember that you get a lot... Read more »

Why Should Mall Walkers Have All of the Fun?

I’m thinking about staging a coup. Every morning, malls open up early to accommodate mall walkers. Even “Stroller Strides” classes are allowed there. Meanwhile, we lowly runners shiver our way into all kinds of crazy tights and masks to get out to stretch our legs. Or if you’re like me, you look outside, realize it’s... Read more »

Thinking about Running the Chicago Marathon for Charity? Partners and Minimums

The Chicago Marathon is expected to close earlier than ever this year. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a DetermiNation athlete for the American Cancer society. I do it because I love it. But, for those on the fence and concerned about fundraising, you’d better think fast. Those minimum fundraising requirements often... Read more »

Chicago Marathon Registration Opens at Midnight - Will You Run for Charity?

I’m one of the crazy fools who will be awake registering for the Chicago Marathon as soon as it opens. I’m so excited that I won’t be able to sleep. 2007 was the last time I took on this race, which was the year it had to be called off due to heat. I finished,... Read more »

The Quest for the Perfect Workout: Boxing, Boot Camps, and CrossFit, Oh My!

 An unspecified number of years ago while living in the city, I had a 30-year-crisis. I decided it was time to get healthy. Since I’m an all or nothing person when it comes to working out, having never run more than 3 miles, I immediately signed up for the marathon. Running was a great workout,... Read more »