Listening to the Life Coach and Seeking Gifts

Monday at Just. Be. Enough., I talked about how, after a couple of months of job hunting, that excitement over the possibilities out there has dwindled, and the thought of where my career should lead is now often overwhelming.

The Coach (life coach, for those just tuning in) has been encouraging us to seek out the Gift in each situation.

I didn’t get that at first.

For example, my kids got sick the day before I had an interview last week. My sitter was supposed to bring her toddler over, which wouldn’t work out with my little germy beasts.

I was scrambling. Coach chimed in, “What is the Gift?” – and I got frustrated.  In my mind, the strong possibility that I would blow any opportunity at this job by not making it to the interview was not, in any form a Gift.

But then I figured it out – A Gift doesn’t have to be something happy in the traditional sense. For me in this situation, it was an affirmation about some changes I need to make in my childcare setup and support system. Affirmation is a Gift.

(And I did ultimately find another sitter, did make it to the interview, but didn’t get the job.)

When I told Coach about the job itself, she reminded me of what I’d said after the interview: I was most jazzed that morning talking to one of the employees about an endurance sports program they were starting, her marathon training and giving tips on fundraising.

Gift, right? Direction is a Gift. I need to determine what my passions are and where my Essential Self is supposed to be.

I’m struggling with that one. What happens when my passions don’t align with what is feasible in my universe? The main reason why I stepped away from event fundraising is because I knew that I couldn’t do all of the nights, weekends and working around volunteers’ schedules that went with my previous life.

I can still put in as many hours as I need to on my laptop after the kids go to bed, but all of the night meetings don’t work particularly well when two kids are waiting to get picked up from daycare.

I know many of my passions: Helping others. Building community. Fundraising. Online media. Learning. Writing – even more so when it can be used to help others or provide education. People. Running.

What I don’t know is how to get those passions to align with my schedule.

In the meantime, I’ll be heading to a non-profit social media summit next week (if I score a sitter), simply to learn. That makes me excited – and taking a day to learn is absolutely a Gift.


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    I do not know if there is just something about your writing or the feeling I get when you share...your passion for your spot is moving. I also admire how you must have dug deep to see the gifts in those situations...not easy at all!! I can not imagine how difficult it is to balance your weekly responsibilities alone, trying to (needing to, wanting to) find a job that your are passionate about and being a mom. Looking at all the things you are passionate I will say this, when you speak about (write about) non profit and charities... it always moves me and makes me want to do more!!

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