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Allowing Yourself A Good Pout - And Moving On

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Life Coach has had me reading Martha Beck. I did not want to read my homework assignments. Self-improvement books aren’t my thing. But, what I know is this: The methods that I was using to get myself back on track and Feel Better weren’t working. So, I’ve been a good... Read more »

Favorite Highlights from C2E2

Now that I’ve covered how weird people are around John Cusack, here are a few of my favorite highlights from Sunday at C2E2. First, C2E2 is worth visiting for the people watching alone. Dressing in costume is not uncommon, whether it be as a zombie, superhero, storm trooper or any other favorite character. Anything goes.... Read more »

John Cusack Talks The Raven at C2E2. Or, Fans Are Freaks.

On Sunday, I trekked down to McCormick place for C2E2. It was my second year at the event and I have to say – I wish I’d been able to get out there for Friday’s and Saturday’s panels and features. The event seems to have grown exponentially from last year’s line-up and there was no... Read more »

Home for the Holiday

I was home for Easter. I wasn’t supposed to be. I was supposed to be at my parents’ house twenty-five minutes away gathered together with my kids, both of their sets of grandparents, and various aunts, uncles cousins and a lot of dogs. Instead, one look at Austin and I uttered the involuntary, “Oh no.”... Read more »

Listening to the Life Coach and Seeking Gifts

Monday at Just. Be. Enough., I talked about how, after a couple of months of job hunting, that excitement over the possibilities out there has dwindled, and the thought of where my career should lead is now often overwhelming. The Coach (life coach, for those just tuning in) has been encouraging us to seek out... Read more »