This Week's Happiness: Spring Fever

With everything on my task list, big projects looming in the background and the time I get sans kids during the day down to about 20 minutes, it’s difficult to shut my brain down and just enjoy.

The Coach keeps telling me to focus on being my best day by day rather than taking on the whole chunk, which is not my strong suit.

But this week – we’ve had spring. In March. In Chicago. Over the weekend, I took the kids to Dairy Queen in their pajamas. The kids giggled and shared ice cream.

That moment was perfect:

We may be back to winter weather next week, but for now, productivity is low for good reason: the sunscreen is on and we’re playing at parks, picnicking and feeling the warm on our skin. Is there any better way to recharge?

I’m linking up with Mama Wants This and These Little Waves for Memories Captured. These two women often remind me of the brighter side, and so I’m sharing a little sunlight.

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    Oh my, I couldn't possibly love this more.

    I can't think of a better reason for productivity to be low than sunscreen and ice cream!

    (And thank you for that compliment, I consider it high.)


  • In reply to Galit Breen:

    I need to start playing with my photos more with some of the programs you guys have been mentioning. Instagram is about as crazy as I've gotten so far.

    And you're welcome for the compliment - You do a lot of good with your writing (and beyond)!

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    I need to hear more about the life coach. But bravo to you for creating a moment with your kids - and I'm sure one that will be remembered for a long time!!

  • In reply to Wendy Nielsen:

    I know! I've been meaning to do more writing about that. The sessions have been great, just hard to encapsulate for a post. We have another meeting Sunday, so I'll do some follow up writing after that!

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    It's a total perfect moment. Love it.

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