Finding Motivation for the Miles

Sometimes, even if you love to run, you need a little extra motivation.

Sunday’s Shamrock Shuffle was like that for me. I didn’t want to go. I had slept much in the nights prior and didn’t feel particularly great – I was actually seeing spots when I woke up in the morning. And, because it’s a larger race, there are a lot of logistics to get

I considered bagging it.

But I had made some promises.

I’d committed to running the race as an American Cancer Society DetermiNation athlete. It isn’t just a commitment to an organization – It’s for each of those names on those ribbons. It’s the honor the friends and families of those people have given me to be able to carry their names with me.

I made my way into the city and sat on the sidewalk by the ACS tent. I took in the energy, the costumes and the sunlight on a beautiful race day.

Some of the ACS DetermiNation athletes pre-race Sunday

I decided to start out slow to see how I felt and just make my way through at an easy pace. My feet, however, had other ideas. I raced my best Shamrock to date, shaving close to five minutes off of my time from last year. There’s something about those ribbons, and the faces that go with them. They make your feet lighter.

As someone who struggles to make time for myself, I’m so glad I made myself get out on the course. Running feels good to me. It relieves stress, I was thrilled with my time and it got me excited about the season ahead.

And at the same time, I got to run to fight cancer. With $600 raised with the season just beginning, I plan to raise ten times that amount by the Chicago Marathon.

I am passionate about a few things, and they include: fighting cancer, community involvement and running. Through DetermiNation, I get to tackle all three at once.

What is your passion? Whether it be fighting cancer, helping homeless animals, promoting education or assisting the impoverished – there’s a charity partner out there for you.

I can’t promise you a PR come October, but I bet your feet and your heart will feel a little lighter.

Swift feet, happy heart

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