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"Things I Like About Me": What Would Be On Your List?

Last summer, I linked up with Ciao Mom with a list of Things I Like About Me. 90 people linked up, and it was amazing to read through voices of so many people who took some time out to really evaluate the good in themselves. As someone who is prone to being pretty critical of... Read more »

10 Reasons To Stay Home With My Kids

On Tuesday, I covered why I’d want to go to work. Today, here is why I am glad I’m at home. 1. The coffee is always fresh – and a flavor I can tolerate. With real milk, no powdered creamer. 2. Pajama jeans are an acceptable uniform. 3. By blogging, I’m really already “playing work”... Read more »

10 Reasons To Work (And Get Away From My Kids)

Over the past month, it has been serious and introspective over here. It’s time to lighten things up this week. So today, I provide you with 10 reasons why I would like to run screaming from my home to an office where I have to endure nylons, conference calls and fluorescent lighting, and consider that... Read more »

For Kristin McQueen: Tell Cancer To Suck It

Here is part two of finding some sunshine in winter. Do good today. Little things make a difference! Kristin McQueen, 32, doesn’t consider herself to be inspirational. She’s a woman who likes to run, and while she’s at it, she might as well raise some money for the American Cancer Society at the same time.... Read more »

Donna's Good Things For Valentine's Day

It’s February – the 14th to be exact. Regardless of what feelings Valentine’s Day itself inspires in you, I know every year in Chicago, by February I am needing a good boost in the arm. I need some happy because it’s cold, and we have a while to go until spring appears. So, this week... Read more »

Finding Solitude In A Crowded Landscape

Time is not just slipping away recently. It is being torn out of my grip by hurricane force winds. The last time I stopped to look, we were amidst the holidays. I trudged on waiting for the quiet that winter, snow, and sticking close to home would bring. Yes, I know – go ahead and... Read more »

No Job and Gut Checks

So, I didn’t get the job for which I was interviewing. I’m okay with that. And I don’t mean that in a sour grapes sort of way. Throughout the couple of interviews I had, I talked to “Coach” (yes, the Life Coach.) We had talked about how I should pay attention to how I feel... Read more »

Who Knew? I Have Job Skills

I’ve spent the last year (or three) worrying about falling behind in my career path while I was home with my kids… Not necessarily that I’d be behind on the “ladder” because I really don’t care about that as long as I enjoy what I’m doing. I was more concerned that I’d be behind the... Read more »