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Trying To Focus Long Enough For Visualizations

I did it. I attended my first life coach group session. As a skeptic venturing into this journey, I will, as promised, talk about the process and what I’m getting from it. I will, however, also tread lightly about just how detailed I get. We have very few rules in our group (like, two). But... Read more »

Survival Tactic: Work Widow Dinners

The kids are going through a bit of a phase right now, grumpy, melting down, not sleeping well and often leaving me staring longingly at the car outside – the one that doesn’t have car seats. I can attribute the problems to a myriad of reasons, but let’s face it. A lot of it is... Read more »

Babysitters: Parents Are Employers, Too

Sunday was going pretty well around the house. It was a good mix of fun and productivity, and I felt like I had my week set it reasonable order. My phone buzzed with a text from my babysitter. She was returning from a trip during our weekly time slot, and would be unable to come.... Read more »

I May Try A Life Coach, But I Refuse To Become Zen

Cartoon credit: Mark Stivers In a couple of weeks, I am starting a series of group workshops with… A life coach. I have to be honest: I have not historically put a lot of stock into this profession. In my working days, I saw a number of colleagues who, frankly, weren’t hacking it, suddenly decide... Read more »

Is Your Kid The Cutest In North America? Join The Fun And Help A Good Cause

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is an organization of volunteer photographers who provide the gift of free remembrance sessions to families suffering the loss of a baby. The primary fundraiser for NILMDTS is the 2012 Charity Model Search for North America’s Cutest Kid. The event is run by Sandy Puc, co-founder of NILMDTS.... Read more »

Why A Girl Petrified of Weightlifting Tried CrossFit

Last week, I tried CrossFit. And I’ll do it again. I should tell you that have not lifted weights since high school gym class, and that was a long, long time ago. Sure, I’ve picked up the occasional hand weight while rockin’ out to a workout DVD, but I’m talking real weights – ones that... Read more »

All Worked Up, For What?

I am dreading this week a bit a lot. I’ve been doing pretty well over the past several weeks with keeping a better outlook: Enjoying the little moments with the kids. Breaking down small tasks, being productive and even asking for a little bit of help. Last week, sleep-wise, was a bear. We started with... Read more »

Letting Go Of Family Drama

I am ready to toss what “They” think out the window this year. Our home looks like many others – and differs from plenty as well. There are blogs written all of the time about how difficult it is to parent while we’re all slinging mud at each other’s decisions. And that is true –... Read more »

New Year, New Blog: Resolutions To Change My Plight

Some time ago, I pitched a blog to the ChicagoNow network. It was to cover my adventures with my kids as we tried to find a taste of the city around the ‘burbs, while still exploring the city. Or something like that. After the proposal was accepted, I cheered and jumped and maybe even let... Read more »