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How Not To Do the Chicago Holiday Scene With Kids

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Feeling festive, I decided to take my two kids into the city for some Christmas cheer: the Christkindl Market in Daley Plaza, followed by lunch and the big tree at Macy’s. I’m a planner. I chose today because it was early enough in the season that most people would... Read more »

Thanksgiving Dinner: I Ordered Out - And I'd Do It Again

This year, I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner. I ordered a fresh turkey, pulled together recipes, invited our guests and got ready to go. And then, I reconsidered. I wasn’t afraid of the cooking or the work required. Okay. I was afraid of the turkey. But who wouldn’t be after watching Christmas Vacation? But the... Read more »

Staying In? Private Catering For Less Than A Night Out

Saturday night, I had a chance to gather together with some girlfriends that I never see. There are three things that we require: Good food, [a lot of] wine and someplace where we can hold a conversation. So, we decided to try something different. We invited A Table for Two Private Chef Service over to... Read more »

Got Starbucks? Help Create Jobs

Starbucks has partnered with the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) in a new project, Create Jobs for USA. Starting November 1, donations can be made on the Create Jobs for USA website or at your local Starbucks. So what is it? The Starbucks Foundation has donated  $5 million seed money to get the program started. From... Read more »