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Chicago Marathon Registration Opens at Midnight - Will You Run for Charity?

I’m one of the crazy fools who will be awake registering for the Chicago Marathon as soon as it opens. I’m so excited that I won’t be able to sleep. 2007 was the last time I took on this race, which was the year it had to be called off due to heat. I finished,... Read more »

City or Suburbs? Can't We Have Both?

City or Suburbs? Can't We Have Both?
A few years ago, I lived and worked in the city. I had a career in nonprofit fundraising, a hubby, dog, and a car appropriately sized for frequent parallel parking. Like so many others, I got the itch. The dog needs a yard. Isn’t it about time we started thinking about kids? Moving to the... Read more »

The Quest for the Perfect Workout: Boxing, Boot Camps, and CrossFit, Oh My!

 An unspecified number of years ago while living in the city, I had a 30-year-crisis. I decided it was time to get healthy. Since I’m an all or nothing person when it comes to working out, having never run more than 3 miles, I immediately signed up for the marathon. Running was a great workout,... Read more »