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Chipotle rolls out tofu based Sofritas in Chicagoland locations next Monday

Exciting news for vegetarians, vegans and health-conscious Chicagoans that love flavorful, quick, meals on the go. All eighty-three Chicagoland Chipotle restaurants are rolling out tofu-based Sofrtias on Monday, October 21st and Plant Strong Diva has a sneak peek. Sofritas mark the first menu change for Chipotle in it’s 20 years doing business. Chipotle Sofritas are... Read more »

The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless "Mon-Daiya" the month of October

You may be thinking, duh, of course The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless Monday. They celebrate Meatless Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday too! Meatless Mon-Daiya is different. It is a special promotion that The Chicago Diner is running with Daiya Foods to promote their delicious house made meatless entrees that feature the Daiya cheese products. But that’s... Read more »

Recipe: 10 minute dairy free cheesy Margherita pizza bread

Hi Friends! Today I wrote a quick and easy recipe for dairy free, cheesy Margherita pizza bread on my Plant Strong Diva website. I also wrote a brief explanation for why all of a sudden I have dove head first into writing and sharing deliciously dairy free recipes using Daiya Foods cheese products. I also... Read more »

The number of Facebook Likes I receive does not define me

The number of Facebook Likes I receive does not and will not define me. Nor will it ruin my day or make me feel less important then the girl who get’s nearly 100 Likes every time she posts a freaking picture of her and her husband playing kissy face. Somehow Facebook and social media, as... Read more »

Naked Juice Harvest Event to take place next Tuesday at Chicago's Riverside Plaza

Looking for something fun to do after Labor Day? Naked Juice is hosting a culinary themed harvest event to promote their line of  Power Garden vegetable juices and to support local, urban gardening. The Naked Juice Power Garden is an interactive experiment in urban agriculture allowing the community to participate in growing the exact fruits and... Read more »

From farm and never to fork: A trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

From farm and never to fork: A trip to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Surrounded by the beautiful Catskill mountains in upstate New York is Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, where farm animals are treated like kings and queens and will never end up on your fork, unlike the other billions of farm animals in the world slaughtered for food each day. I had the great pleasure of visiting and... Read more »

Seven things to be grateful for today and every day

I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck take a lot of things for granted. As Americans and Chicagoans we have a lot of luxuries that many others forgo and a long list of things to be grateful for each and every day. Humans are egocentric by nature, which makes it easy for... Read more »