Dining in the dark: AMC Yorktown 18 debuts chef inspired menu and renovated space

Dining in the dark: AMC Yorktown 18 debuts chef inspired menu and renovated space

Two of my favorite things to do include going to the movies with my honey and indulging in tasty food and drink. AMC Yorktown 18 in Lombard made it possible for me to enjoy both at the same time! It was my first time experiencing “dining in the dark” and I thoroughly enjoyed myself; so did my plus one (my honey).

AMC recently partnered with San Francisco based menu development firm, The Culinary Edge, to develop a chef inspired menu for their dine-in theater locations nationwide. While chicken tenders, popcorn and soft pretzels will always be movie theater staples; AMC is taking it up a notch with menu items such as: a house-made veggie burger, fish tacos, sushi, a quinoa bowl, salads and house-made desserts.

AMC Yorktown 18 My husband and I got to enjoy a night out on AMC to sample their new menu and experience what dining in the dark is all about. It was fantastic! We sampled a wide array of menu items and enjoyed a movie with full service.

The chef made it a point to accommodate my dietary restrictions, as I eat plant-based. He amended the house-made veggie burger to fit my dietary needs along with the quinoa chicken bowl. Both were fantastic.

There are gluten-free options and pescatarian options as well, so any diet is welcome at AMC Yorktown 18. My husband eats anything and he thoroughly enjoyed the burger and would recommend it to anyone. The house-made doughnuts with salted caramel sauce were a real treat (I sampled a few myself!).

The chairs are incredibly comfortable as well.  They are plush, recline and the arm lifts up in case you want to get close to your date, plus there is a handy service button that you ring if you need another cocktail or snack (you place your main food + drink order upon entering the theater & they deliver right to your seat).

I highly recommend you experience this new (and improved!) way to enjoy a movie out for yourself. Families are welcome too, so don’t think you need to leave the kiddos at home as there are options for everyone.

If you aren’t already on the AMC 18 Yorktown website to book your dinner & a movie tickets, make a point to do so. You will enjoy yourself and deserve a relaxing night out to indulge in a few of your favorite things.

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