10 nontraditional reasons why you should see Camelot at Drury Lane this winter

When I was invited to experience Camelot I wasn’t all that excited. There were vague memories of seeing the movie in high school and more than likely, goofing off during it. Turns out I was wrong. I would see this performance again and I recommend that you scoop up tickets yourself. As a matter of fact I have an interesting perspective on why you should see Camelot seeing that I am not a theater buff and all. Here are 10 of my reasons.


10 reasons why you should see Camelot this winter

1. Turns out Camelot is like a romantic comedy and sword fighting action packed drama all wrapped into one. That makes both me and my man happy.

2. It is a musical and musicals are fun. Plus the performers have incredible, captivating voices.

3. Camelot won 4 Tony awards! Now that is impressive.

4. It’s a great excuse for date night! Leave the kids at home, make a reservation at a nearby restaurant, throw back a few too many cocktails and hit the theater!

5. Live in the city? No sweat. It is an easy 30 minute drive (without traffic).

6.  Ladies, the actors are hot (and buff). There are even a few scenes where shirts are nonexistent. Nice pecks and big muscles galore.

7. Men, now I wouldn’t leave you out….the actresses in Camelot are exceptionally good looking, in great shape and there may be a risque scene in a bed with a sheet as a top…intrigued?

8. One of the hot shirtless buff men that I mentioned above is an actor on Chicago Fire. Hot.

9. Going to the theater is the perfect thing to do over the holidays with friends and family. It’s the only time I ever go! I need to get out more….

10. There are multiple shows Wednesday through Sunday and at very convenient times. You can definitely work this into your crazy schedule and it’s affordable.


*Camelot is playing through January 4th at Drury Lane Theater in Oak Brook, IL. For tickets and additional information visit this site.

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