Exciting News And Green Smoothie Recipe

Hi guys! Sorry it has been some time since I wrote you! I am in the midst of some exciting changes with my website, Plant Strong Diva, and have been busy writing new recipes (a lot of new green smoothie recipes), making videos and taking lots of photos while sipping on……you guessed it…. green smoothies!

I am excited to share that I have been doing some recipe work for hip veggie brands, Daiya Foods, Upton’s Naturals and Beyond Meat. I will be sure to share the recipes and photos on my site and on various forms of social media.  Make sure to follow me so you don’t miss a beat!

I have even more news!

Stay tuned for a new and polished website on plantstrongdiva.com with easy search features for recipes, new videos, inspiring stories from real people and restaurant recommendations from other food professionals!

Wait, there is more!

I am also excited to share news that I recently started contributing to Cheeky Chicago, which is a super fun and flirty Chicago based online publication. I am branching out and will write about more lifestyle topics in addition to all things green and crave-worthy. My first submission on Cheeky was a delicious Green Candy Smoothie recipe, which you can find on their site and on Plant. Strong. Diva. I hope that you check it out! It takes just like a green Skittle!

green smoothie recipe

Green Candy Smoothie

Well, that’s about it for now. Here’s to sipping the morning away on green smoothies, living well, eating well and paying it forward. Don’t forget to hit me up on Facebook, follow my lovely pictures on Instagram, read my Tweets and pin my pics on Pinterest.

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