Things I Hate - Winter 2020 Edition

Haven’t done a “Things I Hate” post for awhile. Which is odd, because I hate so many things and people! So let’s vent some spleen, shall we? Do any of these intersect with YOUR hates? The Your/My/Our “brand” thing.  Since when does everyone require a freaking brand? When did we all become Budweiser and Kotex? Can’t... Read more »

Honoring guitar legend Terry Kath, on the 42nd anniversary of his death

Here's an oldie of Chicago. Terry's the dude in the center with the groovy sandals. Hey, it was the 60's. Toes were in! (Or, rather - out!)
Hard to believe that guitar genius Terry Kath of the rock band Chicago (when it actually was a rock band) has been gone 42 years today. Terry always has been my favorite guitar player (with The Dallas Bad-Ass, the incendiary Stevie Ray Vaughan, a very close second). Terry was pure creative fire. He died young (age... Read more »

The horror of the workplace bathroom

Today, my babies, we shall discuss the workplace bathroom. If yours is of adequate size and appointment, AND off the beaten path, you are one lucky puppy. Damn-near everywhere I’ve worked, the loo was a maximum of 10 feet from the office area.  I’m sitting at my desk right now and can see both bathrooms.... Read more »

Adieu, 2019 - I'm ready for some 2020 vision

Happy almost-New Year, my babies.  My mind is all over the place, as it is at most years-end (and every other day, truth to tell), so I figured I’d share a some of my cranial contents with you. As with most years, I’m glad to see this one go. Frankly, I don’t think there’s ever... Read more »

Adventures in borderline sanity.

As you likely have deduced by now, I have a somewhat tentative hold on sanity.  It took me many years and 13 months in analysis to discover that I joust with several fun mental health issues, not the least of which is clinical depression. I know, I know – many think that depression has become... Read more »

God, I hate clowns.

Hello, my babies!  Hope you all have been well.  I’m OK, just still in the grips of Evil Blockage (no, not that kind – and might I add, EEEEEW); i.e., garden-variety writer’s block due to TLASVS – Total Life-Altering Shit-Vortex Stress. Or, as my darling Freddie Mercury once sang, “I’m going slightly mad.” As such,... Read more »

Legendary bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan gone 29 years today

Hello, my babies.  It’s a sad day for many.  It’s impossible to believe that guitarist extraordinaire Stevie Ray Vaughan is gone 29 years today. I loved Stevie like a brother and miss him like my own. Since I really can’t add much to it, I’d like to re-post my piece from last year on the... Read more »

Back in orbit (for now) - and here's what's been goin' on!

I witnessed the complete downfall of western civilization, courtesy of one annoying family.  No WAY this gal's top and bottom halves occur in nature!  All hail Boobarella.
Greetings, dear babies!  Careful watchers of this space may have noticed a vast reduction in number of my posts lo, these many months.  Alas, my Muse is a slippery creature and has really been messing with me for awhile now. (Perhaps you will understand when you know that, as a Gemini ruled by Mercury, my... Read more »

Songs in the key of aaaah! (I.e. - I lost my keys!)

I lost my keys on Easter Sunday. Actually, they were last seen on Friday night around 6 pm, in the vacinity of my right hand, as I used them to enter my premises after work. I did not leave the house on Saturday (as I call it, Sloth Day), and the next day, when I... Read more »

Patsy Cline redux - on the 56th anniversary of her death

(I don’t normally do this, my babies, but I’m offering today a post I wrote two years ago,  in commemoration of the death of the one and only Patsy Cline. I was going to write something new for “my girl,” but found that this one still resonates. So crank up some Patsy on You Tube... Read more »