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5 lesser-known Chicago mayoral candidates.

Ever since Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel looked deep into his heart (i.e. got bored; gave up) and decided not to seek a third term, the floodgates spewed forth and about a dozen fine, upstanding citizens flung their chapeaux into the Chicago mayoral ring. Some are the usual suspects – yet Another Son of Boss, Bill Daley,... Read more »

It's not the Second Amendment that's in peril, it's the First - thanks to Roseanne Barr's big mouth and ABC

As you probably know, Second Amendment proponents are, pardon the expression, up in arms that their right to bear arms will, any second now, be shot out from under them. That sentiment – although knee-jerk – is understandable, given public outrage to the near-daily horror of shootings this country continues to endure.  And, surely, while... Read more »

Melania takes a call.

New York, NY.  Friday, 9:20 am.  First Lady Melania Trump is ensconsed in the penthouse of Trump Tower.  She is breakfasting on Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and oatmeal with mango chutney when her gilded phone rings. Melania Trump:  Yes? Donald Trump:  Hello, Melania.  It’s President Trump. MT:  Yes.  I remember.  Hello Donalt. DT:  How are... Read more »

I am not throwing away my shot. VOTE!

Another election is upon us this Tuesday. Are you going to vote? If you’re not, I want you to tell me to what in the hell you are doing that day that is more important. I had the good fortune to see Hamilton last weekend. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few... Read more »

To knee, or not to knee? IS that the question?

Having followed The Knee Thing all weekend, I really wasn’t gonna add my spin, but so much bizarre rhetoric has ensued that I must. IMHO, what has happened to us here is a twofold problem:  1) We elected an incompetent moron who’s obfuscating our problems, leading us down a dangerous and confused prairie path,  and... Read more »

8 things to do this weekend instead of paying attention to hate rallies

At last count, CNN reports that there are nine rallies scheduled this weekend all over the U.S. by various right-wing hate groups, i.e., stupid gatherings of ignorant, inbred cretins. Here are some things you can do instead of paying even one iota of attention to any of them:  Have sex!  It’s probably been awhile, so... Read more »

What cure to a world of hatred?

Monday night as I drove down my street after work, I noticed that a neighbor had put up a home-made sign in his front yard.  A rainbow flag with the word “Got Love?” on it. A lovely sentiment, but can we rise to it? Not exactly sure when the worm turned, but DAMN, we live... Read more »

Arrivederci, Scaramucci - and the Trump Circus slogs on

Just when you thought that the Trump Administration couldn’t get any more preposterously circus-like comes word that Anthony Scaramucci, newly-minted White House Communications Director, has fallen from the high-wire – sacked after a scant ten days. President Trump isn’t even attempting to feign formalities, seemingly having regressed to his “You’re Fiahed!” persona from his erstwhile TV... Read more »

Requiem for a Welterweight - White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigns

And so comes the news that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned. The denouement of L’affaire Spicer was anticlimactic and wholly-expected by most, given the manic clown circus that is the Trump Administration. Although he resigned of his own accord, I am sure there are many saddened by it – Spicer himself, his family,... Read more »

Job alternatives for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan

I think that most Illinoisans (Illinoiers? Illini?) would agree that it’s high time we got rid of King House Speaker Mike Madigan. We haven’t had a proper state budget for three years.   (UPDATE: A budget was passed yesterday. Included an egregious income tax increase.) Our State bird should be the ostrich, our State song,... Read more »