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Dear October - where are you?

Dear October, What has happened to you, my friend?  Your temps are up, down, everything but temperate. You used to be the centerpiece of the lovely fall season, all burgundy and gold to savor. But you’ve become like Pluto – a once-legit entity, gone nebulous.  Now you’re just a few, quicksilver weeks between capri pants... Read more »

America the Lost

What the hell have we become? We have a pro-gun, megalomaniac leader who is only borderline sane and dangerously incompetent, whose first reaction in any crisis is the furtherance of his own ego. Last night in Las Vegas, the worst mass-killing in U.S. history occurred, by (surely) a lunatic, wielding a machine gun from the... Read more »

To knee, or not to knee? IS that the question?

Having followed The Knee Thing all weekend, I really wasn’t gonna add my spin, but so much bizarre rhetoric has ensued that I must. IMHO, what has happened to us here is a twofold problem:  1) We elected an incompetent moron who’s obfuscating our problems, leading us down a dangerous and confused prairie path,  and... Read more »

Dear Planet Michelle - earnest advice for a new age

We here on Planet Michelle have many unfulfilled dreams, such as learning to swim, to dance, to run away with a certain handsome sorcerer who captured our heart, soul and all parts in-between, etc. But I am also a frustrated Advice Lady. In my youth, I was fascinated by advice-givers Ann Landers and her twin... Read more »

Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Abraham meet for a nosh and to vanquish global hatred

The H-5 Summit convened this past week – the annual meeting of five of Heaven’s top leaders – to discuss the state of the world, particularly the worrisome global reemergence of hatred. In attendance were Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Abraham. Krishna had urgent business in Pakistan and was unable to attend, but was kept informed... Read more »

Two years a blogger - lessons learned, lessons spurned.

For two years now, Planet Michelle has been in orbit here at ChicagoNow. It’s been an interesting, fun and humbling ride.  A place where no me had gone before! First, lessons learned: Hoping to “Go viral” is the blogger’s wet-dream equivalent of hoping to win the lottery. It rarely happens and you can’t make it... Read more »

I am a reluctant caregiver

Again it is BlogapaloozHour here at ChicagoNow.  Once a month, if we so-choose, we have an hour to create and publish a coherent post. This month, we are to choose from amongst the 50+ topics that have been covered since the exercise’s September, 2013 inception. I have been a writer here since September, 2015, and... Read more »

Life rules for my granddaughter (should I ever have one)

I come from a seriously reproductively-challenged family.  I was unable to have kids; I adopted my (now ex-) husband’s daughter shortly after our marriage.  My mom had just two – pretty amazing for someone of Italian ancestry, but she had a terrible time getting and staying pregnant.  My paternal grandmother had only one kid –... Read more »

8 things to do this weekend instead of paying attention to hate rallies

At last count, CNN reports that there are nine rallies scheduled this weekend all over the U.S. by various right-wing hate groups, i.e., stupid gatherings of ignorant, inbred cretins. Here are some things you can do instead of paying even one iota of attention to any of them:  Have sex!  It’s probably been awhile, so... Read more »

What cure to a world of hatred?

Monday night as I drove down my street after work, I noticed that a neighbor had put up a home-made sign in his front yard.  A rainbow flag with the word “Got Love?” on it. A lovely sentiment, but can we rise to it? Not exactly sure when the worm turned, but DAMN, we live... Read more »