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Laughter: the (second) best medicine for COVID-19

OK, so anyone with working grey-matter (not always a given, BTW) knows that the best medicine for COVID-19 will be a vaccine to eradicate it (#onedayhopefullysoonpleaseGodBuddhaYodawhomever). In my various stages of freaking out about this disease, I’ve come to see that the second-best medicine in this mess is finding something to laugh about. Of course, there’s nothing... Read more »

Whooo R U ? I'm an AOID! (American of Italian Descent)

Whooo R U? My last vanity plates said just that – WHOO R U. Not for The Who song, or the show CSI. I simply liked the existential question. It’s a good question; there are so many ways to self-identify. Race, gender, gender predilection, neighborhood, religion, profession, financial status, political bent and/or my favorite – ethnic heritage. We... Read more »

Things I Hate - Winter 2020 Edition

Haven’t done a “Things I Hate” post for awhile. Which is odd, because I hate so many things and people! So let’s vent some spleen, shall we? Do any of these intersect with YOUR hates? The Your/My/Our “brand” thing.  Since when does everyone require a freaking brand? When did we all become Budweiser and Kotex? Can’t... Read more »

The horror of the workplace bathroom

Today, my babies, we shall discuss the workplace bathroom. If yours is of adequate size and appointment, AND off the beaten path, you are one lucky puppy. Damn-near everywhere I’ve worked, the loo was a maximum of 10 feet from the office area.  I’m sitting at my desk right now and can see both bathrooms.... Read more »

God, I hate clowns.

Hello, my babies!  Hope you all have been well.  I’m OK, just still in the grips of Evil Blockage (no, not that kind – and might I add, EEEEEW); i.e., garden-variety writer’s block due to TLASVS – Total Life-Altering Shit-Vortex Stress. Or, as my darling Freddie Mercury once sang, “I’m going slightly mad.” As such,... Read more »

Back in orbit (for now) - and here's what's been goin' on!

I witnessed the complete downfall of western civilization, courtesy of one annoying family.  No WAY this gal's top and bottom halves occur in nature!  All hail Boobarella.
Greetings, dear babies!  Careful watchers of this space may have noticed a vast reduction in number of my posts lo, these many months.  Alas, my Muse is a slippery creature and has really been messing with me for awhile now. (Perhaps you will understand when you know that, as a Gemini ruled by Mercury, my... Read more »

Songs in the key of aaaah! (I.e. - I lost my keys!)

I lost my keys on Easter Sunday. Actually, they were last seen on Friday night around 6 pm, in the vacinity of my right hand, as I used them to enter my premises after work. I did not leave the house on Saturday (as I call it, Sloth Day), and the next day, when I... Read more »

9 fun ways to reduce stress and (probably) not go to jail

Stress stinks, my babies. It sucks the joy right outta the day, siphoning your mental and physical energy like a chance-meeting with an ex. We become listless, cringing, reactive boobs, addicted to triple-caf macchiatos and To-Do lists, the bottom of which are never reached. Slaves to everything but good sense and self-care, hypertension just waiting... Read more »

Today we're gonna party like it's my 199th post - because it is!

Hello, my dear babies! Behold – it’s the 199th post of Planet Michelle! (I’ll wait while you swoon.) While 199 posts aren’t anything to sneeze at (hey, I pour out my foolish heart and tap into my little monkey brain on these things!), I’m a piker compared to some of my fellow ChicagoNow bloggers. So... Read more »

10 things I just don't understand.

My old man always used to say that the world’s gone mad.  He died 10 years ago, and it’s even more true today.  Dad never would have believed that a smarmy reality-show guy now occupies the Oval Office, for example. Or have understood the ins and outs of Caitlyn Jenner (I’m not at all bothered... Read more »