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Want to blog? Then deal in reality.

Here at ChicagoNow, there has been quite the kerfuffle over the past few days involving a post by one of our fellow bloggers, in which she stated her case for possibly leaving this platform. I’ve read this gal since her inception here, and she’s really good, so I hope she decides to stay.  But if... Read more »

10 blogs that didn't make it

There are now officially 35,413,781,024 blogs on The Internets (I counted). Blogs on every topic imaginable by myriad world citizens, some sane, with one thing in common: they all think that they have something dazzling to impart to the non-blogging populace. It takes talent, confidence (i.e., narcissism), no small amount of luck and a ripping... Read more »

Two years a blogger - lessons learned, lessons spurned.

For two years now, Planet Michelle has been in orbit here at ChicagoNow. It’s been an interesting, fun and humbling ride.  A place where no me had gone before! First, lessons learned: Hoping to “Go viral” is the blogger’s wet-dream equivalent of hoping to win the lottery. It rarely happens and you can’t make it... Read more »

My 30-day Peter Cetera Challenge

You can blame this next month of posts on my fellow-CN writer, Howard Moore.  Who, by now, is either rolling his eyes far back into his head or taking bets I can’t accomplish this.  Or both. Howard noticed – with horror and revulsion, I might add – that I had made several Peter Cetera references... Read more »

Top Ten thoughts from my first year of blogging at Chicago Now

Happy Labor Day weekend, my babies!  Today marks the first anniversary of my first post here at Chicago Now.  In case you missed it, it was about my fun first colonoscopy. In the months that followed, I blathered on about Boris Johnson, sex, insomnia, Donnie Trump, unrequited love (can you hear me, Dr. Wu?), coffee,... Read more »