Me, blowing all my babies a kees!

Welcome to Planet Michelle!  I’m an ardent observer of this strange and sexy world in which we run amok.

I'm a card-carrying weirdo and prefer the company of other members of the club.  If you have a stick up your arse, you probably should find another blog.

I’ve written since I was a kid, including a fun six-year stint on the Op/Ed page of a local daily.

I’ve a sweetly perverse sense of humor, which, along with coffee, lipstick, Ray-Bans and music (especially Steely Dan), I view as essential survival tools.

My forte is humor, but I’m often drawn to darker arenas.  I’m fascinated by saint and sinner, pain and pleasure, sex as salvation.  You know - the goood stuff.

I’m a passionate sort; when I’m into something, I dig deep.  As Patsy Cline used to say, “Half-way is half-assed.”

You’ll notice a jones for music.  I'm a singer, so music naturally embeds in my brain. I’m a fool for a good lyric, so expect to see some of that woven in.  My playlist is hot, cool and deep.

I’m fond of the existential, the why of things.  Introspection is important!  I’ve always loved the quote, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” which I’d learned was from Voltaire.  I recently found it was not his, but Socrates’ (I hate to misquote, a vestige from the old newspaper days).  So, examine, my babies - details, big-picture, and most importantly, yourself.  Ignorance is not bliss and should not be our default.

While I’m eclectic in subject matter, I hope that you’ll find me amusing, thought-provoking; perhaps both? Or maybe neither!  Either way, feel free to lay it on me.

Life is such dichtomy - absurd, yet serious as a deathbed confession.  Both perverse trial and sublime seduction.  But I think its crux is the desire, the passion, for that key soul-mammal - The One Who Gets You.  Real intimacy - mind, body and soul.  Rare, that.  But so worth seeking.

We should share life, consume it, full-bore.  If you seek to live it with passion and grace, you well-might walk in magic.

Enjoy your orbit!


(E-mail, baby!  :  planetmichelle4U@gmail.com)