LGBQT, et al.

I have some thoughts on subject of the gay/lesbian/bi/trans etc.

I am a straight woman. At least I think I’m still straight. It’s been awhile since I’ve dated, so I suppose that lesbianism could have snuck up on me, unawares, in the meantime. Whatever. I’m not averse to dinner with some nice gay gal, and if I feel like putting out after, it’s not like I haven’t done that before! After all, I did grow up in The Slutty 70’s. LOL (BTW, are people still using LOL? I know they’re not using AOL, so I hope that LOL is still A-OK. )

ANYhoo, so I may or not be gay now. I’ll keep you posted. Moving on.

Why is that you never hear of anyone being “straight-curious?”

Is bisexuality really more fun? Seems to me that it would just provide an entire new set of people to annoy me.

Why are we so concerned by what LGBT, etc. folk do in the sack? I’ve never once thought about any of my straight neighbors shagging. Ditto President Biden, anyone in Congress nor any Chicago Bear. And categorically not Mario Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani or Dr. Fauci. Or Trump! Sweet Jesus.

Why is it that when a gay couple argues, it’s SO much more witty than when a straight couple does? I once was privy to an epic argument on a commuter train between two gay gents (which was quite evident from the subject matter). It was like Gore Vidal and Edward Albee back there! (The only better insults are Shakespeare’s. You cannot top the Bard in that arena. It’s pretty hard to beat, “Away, you three-inch fool!” or “Thou lump of foul deformity!” Or, “Methinks thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee!”)

As of this writing, Tom Cruise, Ted Cruz, Harry Styles and Machine Gun Kelly are still in the closet. Also, Oprah. This is perfectly fine. To everything (turn turn turn), there is a season. Or not.

Conversely, I’m fairly certain that Lil Nas X is out. Just a hunch.

I need to brush up on my sexual-designation lingo. I thought that “pansexual” somehow involved LeCruset.

Rufus Wainwright RULES. (If you don’t know him, oh, you Philistene. Get to Googling!)

LOVE me some Rufus!

Seriously, our sexuality is not a “lifestyle choice,” it’s how we were created. Just as you don’t choose to be straight, you don’t choose to be any of the other menu items, either. Gaga gets it – we are born this way. And sometimes, yes, it’s fluid. Sometimes it’s a matter of that we just know we were born the wrong sex, or are attracted to our own. Not being traditionally male or female has to be really difficult, and no one goes seeking their truth for giggles and shits. Flying in the face of “normal” sure ain’t for cowards.

So my babies, be kind. Different isn’t scary or wrong or bad. It’s just different. If you honestly walk a mile in someone else’s combat or kinky boots, maybe you’ll be less-inclined to want to kick them with yours.

It’s content of character that matters (props to MLK), not who we boink or what’s under our clothes.


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  • Great read Planet Michelle! Glad you have your groove back!

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    I fear it’s none too deep a groove!

  • Thanks, Michelle. I grew up too shy and old-school to even think of a lot of this, but knowing you're back and writing about it makes my weekend! Now to check on (check out?) Rufus and find out whether he's related to Loudon Wainwright.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thanks, M. Rufus is a post-modern Judy Garland, and he’s great. He is Loudon’s son.

  • In reply to Michelle Babicz:

    You're welcome, M. I liked finding some Rufus songs. I did find out the relationship to Loudon, too. Be impressed that I thought it was possible before I looked!

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